Three- Parent Embryo Creation

This will allow a child to have three biological parents. :eek:

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says:

"CCC 2376 Techniques that entail the dissociation of husband and wife, by the intrusion of a person other than the couple (donation of sperm or ovum, surrogate uterus), are gravely immoral. These techniques (heterologous artificial insemination and fertilization) infringe the child’s right to be born of a father and mother known to him and bound to each other by marriage. They betray the spouses’ “right to become a father and a mother only through each other.”

CCC 2377 Techniques involving only the married couple (homologous artificial insemination and fertilization) are perhaps less reprehensible, yet remain morally unacceptable. They dissociate the sexual act from the procreative act. The act which brings the child into existence is no longer an act by which two persons give themselves to one another, but one that "entrusts the life and identity of the embryo into the power of doctors and biologists and establishes the domination of technology over the origin and destiny of the human person. Such a relationship of domination is in itself contrary to the dignity and equality that must be common to parents and children."168 “Under the moral aspect procreation is deprived of its proper perfection when it is not willed as the fruit of the conjugal act, that is to say, of the specific act of the spouses’ union . . . . Only respect for the link between the meanings of the conjugal act and respect for the unity of the human being make possible procreation in conformity with the dignity of the person.”

It’s a big sin. Don’t do that. You can adopt a child though.

I just read the article – OMGoodness – what will researchers dream up Next. The technique that was Originally developed to help couples who couldn’t conceive the Natural way – is Attempting to abuse it. Which Could lead to even more complicated child-custody issues. It’s the Children who suffer in the long run. Why can’t we simply be satisfied with having children as God sees fit to bless us with them.

Not surprising at all. In fact, do not be surprised if/when your and my tax dollars fund this research and fund the practice through “Obamacare” or some other tax dollar funded “health care”.

All done in the name of “Science”, “Progress” and “Fairness”.

You’re right – Not Surprising – just somewhat ‘sickening’ what our tax dollars end up going to. Just because something CAN be done, doesn’t mean it Should be or Needs to be done. And it’s Not fair to anyone. I also realize that you’re Not defending it, but simply commenting. :slight_smile:

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