Three prayer requests

  1. Please pray for my friend that he may have a safe trip when he flies home from Turkey on the 10th.
  2. please pray that I have the ability to truly forgive a former friend who really left me with some huge emotional scars over the past three years. I have struggled and tried to forgive him but I have been unsuccessful in doing so.
  3. I have recently discovered that my disability will prevent me from being able to speak Turkish. I am devastated because I love Turkish and I really wanted to become fluent. Pray that I am able to except this cross and that if it is his will I still will be able to read, write and understand Turkish.
    Thank You


Aydan, I’ll be praying for the safety of your friend on his flight over the next few days.
I’m sorry you will be unable to learn the language you wish to learn. I ask the Lord to give you comfort and some workable outlet, for your desire to know Turkish. Do you have a Turkish background, or is it an attraction to the language/culture?

Forgiveness of serious emotional injury to you. If the hurt and injury remains and we want to forgive but cannot, I think we can only say to God, “I can’t forgive. Please put Your forgiveness in me.” And pray for the person. Jesus said, “pray for your enemies.”

Praying for this person may not feel like forgiveness, but it is. It may not be emotional forgiveness, but it is practical and real forgiveness to pray for the person who has badly wounded you. It is a decision and act of forgiveness…the real emotional hurt may continue as it’s effects remain.
But I do hope and pray Ayden, that somehow God can help you to heal within.

You are in my prayers
With love, Trishie.

Thank You Trishie
I’m able to communicate in Turkish through writing and I can read Turkish as well so I can still learn it I just cannot speak. Actually I’m very lucky because a lot of people with my disability cannot speak at all but it just means that I will always have to have someone there to speak for me. No I’m not ethnically Turkish at all. My good friend, the one in Turkey getting ready to come home, introduced me to it last summer after he came back from his first trip and I just fell in love with Turkey and its people. I even consider myself to be a Turkish Catholic as well even though I am unable to travel to Turkey to make it official. I don’t know if you heard the saying, “I left my heart in San Francisco.” Well in this case half my heart is in Turkey I think it was a stow away with my friend when he went this time.:slight_smile: He’s been teaching me Turkish for about a year now. We communicate in Turkish on a regular basis. My friend works with Turkish refugees here in the US so he went to Turkey to learn Turkish and now he is fluent. I’m also hoping to do the same I was hoping that I would be able to help Turkish refugees but it’s going to be hard to do being unable to speak Turkish. I am planning on learning Spanish as well. I want to be able to help as many refugees and immigrants as possible. The thing that bothers me the most is not that I myself can’t speak Turkish but it that I am pretty sure that there are Turks with disabilities who are forced into a life of silence because like me they cannot speak. Unlike in English no one has developed communication devices for Turkish the technology exists right at this moment to do that but it has not been done and I cannot understand why. One of my goals is to develop some kind of communication board not only for myself for anyone who might need it.
On the whole my former friend is usually a good person with good intentions. We just both made some extremely poor choices in regard to our friendship and it was 50-50 there I know he did not mean to hurt me but he did. Nevertheless a lot of good things came out of that friendship and it opened doors I do not want the entire thing to be tainted by its ending so I’m working very hard to forgive him.

Aydan, you have a good command of language in your writing, so perhpas you can work with that for immigrants in some way. I ask Jesus to help you find a really effective way to help immigrants. He probably had to learn to communicate in Egyptian, as did Mary and Joseph after they became refugees in Egypt, where they had to remain until the Jewish king who wanted to kill him was dead, after which the family went to live in Nazareth. The holy family surely knows how it feels to be immigrants and refugees.

God bless you for your love and compassion.

And you will heal regarding that friend. God bless you both.

With love, Trishie

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