Three Ways Catholic Tradition Bolstered My Protestant Faith

Interesting article from Christianity Today:

Ulf Ekman, the pastor of a prominent megachurch in Sweden, recently announced his conversion to Catholicism. Some Protestants responded to the news with the kind of intrigue and betrayal we might expect when a man defects from his country. Others of us were left standing on the shore, wondering, Should I go, too? What’s my religious heritage and where do I belong?

I sympathize with Ekman’s urge to convert, although in my story, I had to leave the church entirely before I could appreciate either Protestantism or Catholicism. Fueled by a faith crisis in my early 20s, I shot myself out into a void of vague theism, floated in dark space for a while, and then eventually got tired of living without gravity, ritual, or community.


Great article that I would like to add to the discussion in the ‘Offended at being called Protestant’ thread. Sacramental Protestants are more ‘catholic’ than Protestant.

:thumbsup: That was a beautiful article. Thanks for sharing.

I can identify with the author. There is a lot I love and respect about Catholicism even though I am not Catholic myself. Who knows…maybe one day I will cross the Tiber.

We will keep the lights on for ya.:smiley:

Much appreciated :smiley:

Thank you for this article. Since I happen to love conversion stories, I have been following this story from Sweden. I always find those who have given up much to follow Christ so admirable and wonder if I had not been born Catholic, if I’d have been “smart” or “brave” enough to have converted.

I also get a whole new perspective when reading the comments after these type of articles. Wowsers - there are some serious misconceptions out there!


Great article. Thanks for the post.

If you ever read Karl Keating Catholicism vs. Fundamentalism book, you would see that (what you already seem to know), if there was a Catholicism—Fundamentalist spectrum, Lutherans would be much closer to the former than the latter.

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