Three Western states join California in screening any FDA-approved coronavirus vaccine

SACRAMENTO — Washington, Oregon and Nevada will join California to independently review any coronavirus vaccine before distributing it to the public, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday.

Newsom said the three states would identify their own public health experts to participate in the scientific review committee he announced last week, which has been charged with ensuring that any vaccine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is safe and effective.

“This virus transcends our borders and we are grateful to partner with our neighboring states through our Scientific Safety Review Workgroup for a healthy and safe path forward for all our communities,” Newsom said in a statement.

Though I find it petty and partisan, that’s their right.

Citizens will just do medical tourism to neighboring states, to get their shot.

Some might. But I understand that trust in a vaccine has been declining. This move may also bring some people to trust it that otherwise would not.

There is no supporting evidence not to trust the established FDA review processes, just partisan fear mongering.

If the states drag out their ‘review’, people who see it as partisan will take independent action.

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I would question whether those states have the capacity to add anything to what FDA will do. Perhaps they’ll review FDA’s work. But I doubt they can do much more than that.

Supporting evidence not to trust? That’s an odd phrase. I don’t think that people need evidence to support to have less than positive feelings about something. Ex: someone may have bad feelings about something moving around in the dark of the night. No evidence that the something is dangerous is needed for that feeling.

It looks that confidence has gone down for both red and blue leaning.


That shift could be driven by people who have recovered already.
I won’t get the vaccine right away, because of my immunity.

It doesn’t support the narrative people are less trusting of the FDA, because Trump is POTUS

People that don’t trust the vaccine may trust the FDA on other matters. I’m not sure that expressions of their skepticism or distrust of a COVID-19 vaccine necessarily translate to their response to other matters.

Fauci saying the vaccine effect might be short-lived might have an effect on people. All vaccines bear some hazard to the takers. If it’s not going to last very long, some people might just not want to risk it. After all, most people don’t get flu shots.

As well they should. These politically motivated anti-science moves are egregious.

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Odds are still with them, it seems.

There’s another thread discussing some article on the rate of anti-body decline post-infection and the possibility of reinfection. There have been a few noted instances of people allegedly becoming infected more than one also.

There was an attempt to make a vaccine for something some years ago ( I don’t remember which disease it was) but the vaccine had the effect of “disease enhancement.” Whatever the vaccine was, it never passed the bar of being safe for distribution; people were better off without it. Not that this carries over to a COVID-19 vaccine. But it is something that can happen in vaccine development in general.

I receive all my necessary vaccines on a regular basis, so don’t call me an anti-vaxxxer. But I am skeptical about COVID-19 vaccines. I would be skeptical of anything that is rushed from the drawing boards to be forcibly poked into my arm. I will wait and see when we reach Herd Immunity for the virus, and I will wait and see about the long-term effects of a rushed vaccine before I go anywhere near it.

Count me among the 49%. I’ve never been vaccinated for anything in over 55 years and as long as I can, I will refuse.

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