Three Wishes

You’re probably familiar with the genie in the bottle stories from Arabian Nights and other media.

So let’s say one gets the opportunity to make three wishes. My question is, from a moral (theological and philosophical) standpoint is there a “best answer”?

That is, what are the three best things that one could wish for, or is there such a thing at all?

The best answer is always to wish for an infinite number of wishes. :p;)

To be happy and God-centered; which, to me is the same thing. Other wishes would then fall into place.

Haha, other than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I guess this isn’t as compelling a question as I thought. :o

an infinite number of genies.

another good one…

I cannnot count my wishes. One reason I cannot limit them to three.

I really, really really want to get to a nearby Abbey. With $$$.

  1. To be open with all people and do good to them, those that contradict you, those that flatter you. The open initiative to all, to love people equally is ideally what Gift of wisdom informs the intellect to pursue. And the Gift of Wisdom is perfected as the gift of the Beatific vision, while the rest of the gifts run their course to Wisdom. As S. Louis de Montfort terms it “Eternal Wisdom”

  2. To know God’s will at all occasions by acting on what you do know of it. This is the practical reason of what the Gift of Understanding perfects the intellect. In terms of virtue, it would be the virtue of faith. Our reward stems from this “the just shall live in his faith” (Hab 2:4).

  3. To never esteem the lower things while drawing others to higher things, all in which you hope for. This is the action of the Gift of Knowledge, a Gift for a pure hope that ideally does not become impure by the shifting to what one delights in to a lower temporal end of vanity.

So I ask the reader, do you wish to be a saint? St. Thomas Aquinas would say all you have to do is will it despite the discouragement or other adversities. This will is a gift to beg for. St. Augustine said, “Man is a beggar before God” (CCC 2559)

  1. God’s Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven
  2. That He would provide our daily bread
  3. The He would forgive us our sins, and lead us not into temptation

??? lol :wink:


Hmm, interesting! If I understand your wishes correctly, I would say I ask God for 2 directly, but I only ask for God’s grace with respect to 1 and 3, since they seem to involve choices/free will. So I could definitely see myself wishing for 2, but I don’t know about wishing for 1 and 3 because I don’t feel it would be right to “wish for” God’s grace, only to ask. I could be way off in how I understand this.

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