Three years ago, an officer was filmed beating up a handcuffed Black man. Now, he’s the police chief

Following the tussle, Bergeron was promoted to police chief, Ratliff was convicted of resisting arrest, and city officials in Hammond — a college town of roughly 20,000 in southeastern Louisiana — reportedly told his lawyer that complete footage of the incident did not exist.

This week, after a full video of the incident was published by a local TV station, local civil rights activists have renewed their calls for the embattled chief to resign as federal officials have reportedly reopened investigation into the booking room fight.

“This behavior is egregious enough, but a blatant lie accompanied this behavior by your Police Department that the leaked video did not exist,” three local NAACP chapters said in a letter to Bergeron, according to WBRZ. “We have law enforcement officers from all over the state calling us saying this is bad.”

Only one policeman who had been present in the booking room, Thomas Mushinsky, was disciplined, receiving a 60-day suspension and additional training, WBRZ reported. As he fought that order, Mushinsky commissioned a private report from a use-of-force consultancy in Texas, which called the tactics used by Bergeron “excessive and borderline criminal.

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