Three Years

Hello everyone.

Tomorrow should be the three year anniversary of my and my ex. Instead its a day that I need to hand in an essay, give a presentation and travel home for Christmas.

I am feeling pretty sad about it (I have been doing well the past couple of weeks) but I am hopeful that my ex will remember what we had and miss me/us. I know some of you might tell me to not get my hopes up, but realistcally I will always get my hopes up until I no longer love him…which I can’t see ever happening. So I guess the positive is at least I know I’m being hopeful so when I’m undoubtably crushed I won’t be suprised.
I guess I’m just praying for a Christmas miracle from the Lord haha.

I hope everyone is ok.
God bless

Is this an ex boyfriend or husband? I hope you will find emotional healing over the Christmas break and enjoy spending time with family. I will pay for you.

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