Thriller ?

The vidio “Thriller” is old news but in it’s day was enormously successful and was in the early beginnings of a whole culture that delights in the morbid and darkest imaginations !

The youth love vidio games with zombies and some how look forward to a day when society will collapse and they can test survival skills they think that they have acquired from games they have played in virtual reality.

John 3-19 warns that the condemnation is in the love of darkness and rejection of light !

The real thrill for all born again Christians is in the words of scripture !

All creation growns in anticipation of the revelation of the Sons and Daughters of God . I am Crucified with Christ never the less I live!
The law was my school master to led me to Christ !
The dead in Christ shall rise first and we like them shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye !
We shall be gathered by the Holy Angels of God to meet The Lord in the air and then we shall ever be with The Lord. Amen

There’s a question mark in the thread title, but I see no questions being posed. Is there something in particular you wanted to discuss?

It’s just a fantasy, I don’t think many people actually want a zombie apocalypse.

Here’s an Indian take on the Thriller song…I find it entertaining, for what it’s worth :smiley:

Indeed. I’ve known people who were into zombies and/or the macabre. As far as I know, none of them longed for a literal zombie apocalypse. :shrug:

Just watched the Indian version and I’m embarrassed once
again to have dead people dancing better than I do. :blush:

I think everybody has some level of fascination with death and the macabre, given it is a totally human issue; without actually believing in zombies and vampires, etc.

ISTM the current fascination with zombies, vampires and the like stems from a general sense of catastrophism. We no longer believe that human life progresses, therefore we can only go down; and we are enthralled by the ways that exist of going down.

(Well-meaning but misguided efforts to “get people to prepare for zombie apocalypse” do not help.)


The only real question is why the rise in attention to the eve of all Saints and the ever dark way so many chose to celebrate it.
Yet every drama need’s a Quent essential devil. A bright focal point in a picture can be highlighted by dark borders.

The 61rst verse of the Bible are the words that convince Eve to take a bite of the fruit of the knowledge of goodand Evil. Then to frame the end of the Bible 61 verses before the last verse the Devil is imprisoned so as not to deceive the nations till the thousand years have ended. Then framing the Glory in this way that is in God’s Word the 61rst chapter of Isaiah is Quoted by Jesus to say the mission of Salvation has begun.

All Saints day begins the last 61 days of the year this after 304 days.
Abraham began his journey to a promised land in the 304 verse of the Bible.

Learning Thriller is on my bucket list. I’m a little afraid nursing homes are still going to be playing “Home on the Range” or something when I get there. Do I always have to be the one to start a revolution?

Yeah the red zombie man really knows how to move! :smiley:

Me too! :slight_smile:

I have a good friend who took an afternoon long workshop in college on how to do the Thriller dance. At my wedding (reception) we played the song and had him lead everyone in the dance. It was a lot of fun and we got a ton of great photos of all of our friends and family trying to learn the moves. People of all ages joined in from my bridesmaid’s toddler to my husbands great uncle. It was fantastic!!!

Y’all have to see this: Thriller done at a retirement home. Yes!!:dancing:

Thriller was actually a tribute to Vincent Price. He did the voice over at the end of it.

It wasn’t ment to glorify zombies, etc. It’s a throwback to the classic horror films, and threw in a bit of dance, rock and “Monster Bash”… Specifically Vincent Price, one of Jackson’s favourite actors.

Well I guess I do have something in common with Michael Jackson then.

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