Through Christ all things are possible?

Through Christ all things are possible? What exactly does this mean?
I hear smart people say this a lot who are Christians acclaiming their academic and career goal success to Jesus Christ.
I think its ridiculous when people say this, What exactly does this even mean? what does it apply to ?
Through Christ all things are possible, except…?..
Through Christ somethings are possible?
Does this only apply to members of the church who are well off living successful lives?
What about Jews? Who do they do all things through if they don’t accept Christ?
Charlton Heston? Moses?
I think I just get tired of people who use this phrase to attribute their luck and natural given abilities to Jesus, I think its a joke.
I think often times Churches, of all denominations try to use this tactic to evangelize people for their numbers.
The LDS have a successful Rugby player “Who did all things through Christ” and refused to train on Sunday along with their “Apostles” who are often times wealthy
Non-Denoms have Tim Teebo “who did all things through Christ” so he could play foot ball.
Along with some of the wealthy preachers at Calvary Chapel who did all things through Chirst.

   I think its the equivalence of Scientology using John Travolta or Tom Cruise as a spokesman for their company. I really don't think that Christ is all that concerned with 

what things you do through him except maybe prayer or feeding the homeless.

I know its out of the letters to the Corinthians, but I don’t think that it applies to taking the MCAT or finishing your undergrad.


I think it only means that heaven is possible no matter how unworthy, sinful, weak and bad we are.

All good things come from God.

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