Through Christianity or other means, is it at all possible to refute paganism?

Though it would seem that proving Christianity, and along with it the first and second commandments, would close the book on paganism all together, such an attitude is no where near existing in main-stream, modern culture.

Given that paganism is having its rebirth in a modern era, its heavily influenced by modern values such as individuality and the do-what-works-for-you attitude. Thanks to these prevailing winds, its based almost entirely on the tastes of the individual and their desire to have spiritual fulfillment however they want. Considering how much of it depends on feeling rather than evidence, how can you prove it wrong?

So ultimately, is there any way of dealing with such a multi-headed creature?

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My recollection is that G.K. Chesterton wrote a lot about Paganism from the Roman Catholic perspective in “Orthodoxy” (an amazingly great book even apart from this). I would suggest having another look at that book if you’re interested in this issue.


Not really. Magical ideas about “nature” and “life force” are completely immune to modern biochemistry. Claire Rayner, of the British Humanist association, used to recommend homeopathy when she was an agony aunt. From a commonsense perspective this made quite a bit of sense - it was available on the NHS so her readers weren’t likely to be ripped off for too much money, and being largely water the cures are at least free of side effects. However philosophical rigour it isn’t.

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