Throw it out or keep it?

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I’ve been thinking it over and was thinking about throwing my computer out. A lifetime of boredom seems like a small price to pay than the current internal turmoil my mind is going through. All in all I need to re-evaluate the direction my life is going in the short-term. Confession is available tomorrow and I’m worried about committing sacrilege (if not committing sin by virtue of JUST being on a computer AT ALL). I know I shouldn’t ask for advice contrary to the wise counsel I’ve been given, but what should somebody do in this situation who’s starting out on their faith journey? I’m almost tempted to despair.

They should talk to the person who is caring for them and helping them with their scrupulosity. You are not able to think rationally. You are not sinning just by being on a computer. You need to talk to your pastor about your scrupulosity and get it under control.

Duly noted, although my RC is out on vacation until next Wednesday and I’m worried about dying between then…or Jesus might come back in between then.

I see you are using your computer for good, like for instance right now, like being on the Catholic forum. The only problem would be if one uses the computer excessively, but as stated above, the computer in and of itself isn’t sinful.

It is a great way to do searches on things we don’t know and keep up with family and friends.

Sounds like scrupulosity to me. A computer is a tool. So is a typewriter, a pen, and a pencil. But the computer does a whole lot more. If it is stuff you watch on the Internet, quit your Internet service. Delete all the porn. Then you have a glorified typewriter. No more problems.

I feel for you, because I used to be scrupulous. Don’t throw out your PC! You really must talk to your adviser and then TRUST them!

In the meantime, you could look up the newsletter. There is a great book as well, of Q&As from this newsletter, that really helped me.

And there is no other parish? Surely you can go somewhere.

I could, but I feel uncomfortable going there because of some questionable things some “Catholic” blogs associate the college-parish with. I thought I would err on the side of caution and avoid the parish.

Just unplug it. Then destroy the power cord. Then discuss what you did with your spiritual director.

Go. Scruples is killing your common sense.
What does a blog have to do with the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

If you aren’t comfortable going to that parish, then find another local Catholic parish to go to Confession.

So are you condemning all who use computers? inluding me?

not unless they were doing something sinful with it. (guilty as charged).
But the point was the confusion between near and remote occasions of sin and if I am able to make a near occasion remote. Kind of like treating a medical patient instead of shooting them in the head.

Scrupulocity is a war with logic.

A computer has no sin. If you sin with it that is another story.

Many scrupulous people seem to either struggle with OCD things (also an affront to logic) or use it to show how good you are by lamenting something trivial.

I happen to notice that in myself. I know ‘X’ is not a mortal sin, but my brain says “well if it is? what if just adjacent to it is a mortal sin?”. Then I worry about it. I like using my computer and I’d hate to give it up, which is what made start having scruple-fits thinking that my confession would be void and sacrilegious. Sainthood ain’t easy!

I can’t comprehend what you are saying.

It’s a computer.

You should not post these threads. You should handle it with a regular confessor or a therapist. Perhaps both. Posting on these boards for scrupulous things never ends well.

I’ll ask you the same question I ask all scrupulous posters.
If 50 people say you are fine but 3 people say you are in mortal sin what is the reality of the situation. Strangers on the Internet are not to be used as examiners if your conscience. YOU should be the examiner.

So if I think using a computer, after repenting of mortal sin, when in the past it was used sinfully, and doing what I can to prevent such occasions from happening on it, then I’m fine? no sin comes into the formula if I’m being prudent to reduce chances of mortal sin?

Did you not read my post? Form your conscience. Not I nor anyone on this site can answer your question.

Out of all the Catholics I’ve spoken to, not one of them have described your thought pattern. This isn’t normal, and it doesn’t have to be your normal.

Hoosier is right. This site isn’t good for scruples. It just gives you a temporary relief before kicking in again about something else. If you aren’t careful, this site will become something you rely on to get that relief, which is unhealthy for you. Not everyone on CAF will know you are scrupulous. Some will give you well intentioned advice whilst confusing you even more. You need to see someone regularly about it in real life, who knows you and will give better advice than strangers on the internet ever could.

Scrupulocity is a form of OCD. You can get help for your invasive thoughts - you don’t have to live with them. I seriously recommend speaking to your GP as well as a Priest.


I’ll continue to use it for the time being unless my confessor says otherwise. Or at least until I can muster up the courage to brick the dang thing.

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