Throw the book (ideas) at me


I am a Catholic “re-vert” and I have an M.A. in Theology form Gordon-Conwell. My first two books were presidential biographies. Are there any Catholic topics you’d like to be covered in a book?

Thanks for the help.

And I promise the editing will be better in the book than in the last post: “form” should be “from” :o

How about a book on why you came back to the Church and why everyone should be Catholic?

Thanks, but I don’t want to put anyone to sleep…:slight_smile:

[quote=GCTSguy]Thanks, but I don’t want to put anyone to sleep…:slight_smile:

You should contact Patrick Madrid and see if he is doing another Surprised by Truth volume. That way your story would only be a chapter and not a book and might not put that many people to sleep. :slight_smile:


Book idea: Since you know your way around biographies, how about a bio on a contemporary martyr? You may be aware of Robert Royal’s book: Catholic Martyrs of the 20th Century. It’s awesome, but I think some of the newer stories should be told, like the Brazilian religious killed by organized crime.


I’ve always wondered if anyone has done any research on the after-effects of Vatican II on my generation. (born in the 70s) Seems like people went kind of haywire there and resulted in a lot of badly catechized (now) adults and a watering down of the faithful here in America. Might be good fodder for a book. Could be lots of tangents to go on from there.

Thanks for the ideas. The idea about the after-effects of Vatican II intrigues me because I, too, was born in the 1970s. At my parish here in New England, there are lots of “greyhairs” who understand the faith (Baltimore Catechism and all that good stuff), but lots of “young people” (as we’re flattering referred to by the greyhairs) who don’t know even know basic Catholic theology. There’s RCIA, but that’s it if you happen to be over 18 and under 65 (greyhairs have a Monday morning faith-sharing group). The Protestants put a lot of us to shame in this area. It’s sad, really. No wonder my Protestant friends are shocked – shocked, I say – when I tell them that, no, I don’t worship Mary or think I can fast talk my way into Heaven.

Anyway, please keep the ideas coming. I wish I could cut you all in on the future book royalties, but…:wink:

er, “flatteringly”

You could do a book of “mini-biographies” on the first batch of female altar servers in the 1980’s, focusing on what it was like at the time and how that experience has affected their lives today.

I like the idea about the after-effects of Vatican II, you could continue with the statistics or trend of how the heterodox religious orders seem to be dying out and how the orthodox orders are starting to gain ground.

I don’t know any specifics, but it does seem that there seem to be more people considering vocations that are orthodox and more traditional (wearing habits and collars, etc).

I think it’s because the heterodox after-effects of VII caused enough bad catechises that literally leads people away from the Church instead of ‘taking up the cause’ of the heterodox leaders.

You might also think about writing about Catholic missions in Africa and Asia and what is going on there. I hear news snippets from time to time, but I haven’t seen much more about it.

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