Throwing away things with God's name on it

uhm I may deal with scrupulosity at times so pardon if this is a silly question but i’m genuinely curious so if you guys can help me, I’d deeply appreciate it !!
Is it wrong to throw away paper or anything with God’s name or a Bible Verse on it? or does this only apply to Blessed Items/Bibles?
Again, sorry if this is a silly question, but I try my best to stay reverent when it comes to the Lord.

I have a baseball card notebook to put it all in. Im a bit ocd. This oertains to cards at funerals etc.

I can thow away bulllitens etc.

My mother had the same OCD about anything with a Jesus picture on it even if it was just an envelope or some fundraising thing.

Sometimes I’ll throw those away, sometimes I don’t. It’s okay if you throw them away though.

For things like holy cards and funeral cards, you can usually leave them a few at a time in churches, like stick them in a hymn book or in a rack in the vestibule. Some people will pick them up and, if it’s a funeral card, pray for the person. If it’s an older/ vintage card then some people will be interested because of its age.

I have a lot of extra funeral cards for my husband and grandfather-in-law and I am planning to leave a few off in the adoration chapels where I have picked up other people’s holy cards and prayed for them. Some of the cards I find are quite old. I usually try to look the person up on the web to see more about who I’m praying for.

But again it would be okay if you threw them away. They are not extra special holy and I’m sure a lot of people just pitch them.

I was told to bury any objects that can’t be burned.

So it’s clearly only blessed items… otherwise, this gets crazy fast, right? I mean what if it’s a secular book in which characters take Gods name in vain? Whoop, better not toss it! There’s God’s name! See? You’d be scouring every bit of paper for His name. It could be hiding anywhere. How maddening. Don’t let the OCD enslave ya! Easier said than done, I know.

Not all churches have the same reaction your parish does. I note you have posted about this before and I found it unusual when you posted about it the first time. It is common to find holy cards around my area, and my hometown diocese, at most of the parishes and shrines. Often there is a library or a special rack, basket or bookshelf for these type of things. I would imagine if they get too much, they might throw it away, but given that I see items often sitting there for weeks or being used as bookmarks in the hymnals, it does not appear that the pastors have much of a problem with it. The only things that went straight to trash were when someone left a non-Catholic item such as a dream catcher.

If there is a question then people should ask their pastor, however it is quite clear at the churches where I go that no one objects. Nor are they particularly overrun with items as people do pick them up and take them.

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