Throwing food away - a sin?

Tonight, my parents decided to get food from a takeaway restaurant, so asked me what I wanted from the menu. I ordered a meal that I thought I’d had before and really enjoyed - turns out it was something with a very similar name but wasn’t the same thing at all.

First, I was going to just eat it because my parents told me it was really nice, and therefore I was willing to try it. Within one bite, I realised that I really, really didn’t like it.

Then, I decided to just eat it even though I hated it, and “offer it up”, so to speak. But after a few more mouthfuls, the taste was just getting worse and worse (there was a very thick, sickly-sweet sauce all over it), and I was beginning to think that if I ate any more, I was going to feel sick.

Finally, I decided just to eat whatever wasn’t touching the sauce and leave it at that. Unfortunately, the sauce was poured over nearly everything (rice, vegetables, etc.), so eating around it I think I ate less than ten mouthfuls of food. There was a huge amount of food that I couldn’t bring myself to eat - about 90% or more of the total food.

I was thinking about what Pope Francis said about wasting food, how it was like stealing food from the poor and hungry. I’m not going to get myself anything else to eat for dinner - I can just offer up the fasting instead - and I feel that this way, I’m not wasting food per se, since what’s getting thrown away is the amount of food I was going to eat.

Does this sound like a reasonable thing to do? I know it’s either that, or forcing myself to eat it all, but I still feel bad that the food is getting thrown away instead of eaten.

Do what your heart tells you. It is not sin as you didnt like the taste! We all try things of which we cant eat. Thank God for the food. For the chance to try something new. Fast if you want. Offer up it up to God. God Bless you

We love leftovers. Maybe someone else in the household would have eaten it the next day.
At any rate, it was not intentional.
But you are correct, all of us need to be mindful when we order, that we truly get what’s needed and not a huge portion. Many are indeed hungry.

:thumbsup: Left overs fried up on the Barbeque with a fried egg,onion,garlic,tomato,yum

I just ate, and Phil is making us hungry all over again! :slight_smile:

It’s now 7.30 A M. Cooked left over roast with a couple eggs,toast, all is good in Paridise

I am in the habit of throwing away food,
just like my dad said, “for the spirits” in
the belief of his oriental family. I do it for
God, so that I could PRAISE Jesus, and
SHUT satan up.

In some cultures of the world (I don’t remember where anymore) if a piece of bread falls onto the floor, they pick it up and kiss it before throwing it away. They do this as a sign of respect to God for the blessing of food. I don’t think they did it with other food, only bread, but they did that because bread is/was the symbol of all food, such as heard in The Lord’s prayer when “our daily bread” is said. I thought this was such a very good thing to do that I started doing it myself, but not with bread since I never eat it, but with anything ‘dry’ that falls to the floor. (Would be hard to ‘kiss’ wet food that has been picked up… :stuck_out_tongue: and there is no need to go that far with the symbol of thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: That would be messy!)

There are a lot of people in the world today that do not respect the fact that they are fed, don’t respect all of what had to occur for the food to get in front of them (slaughter, hours of good husbandry and care for the animal, hours of field work), and mostly they don’t respect the fact that they ate something they* actually *enjoy eating. There are a lot of people in the world today that don’t have those luxuries!

When we are so lavishly provided for, we tend to forget how much of a blessing food is.

Compost piles make good use of thrown away food. :smiley:

It would probably be a better fast to give a little donation to a charity that provides food for the poor. In that way, its not about yourself or what you may or may not have done wrong, but that you sacrifice a little of what you have to help others. Not everyone can stomach all foods-in fact, I’m pretty sure that everyone has at least something they really don’t like! I feel certain that if you were starving you would have eaten it all and more if you could.

never eat what will upset your stomach or make you sick.

Just pitch it if no one will eat it later. Never eat something that isn’t good for you. You may be allergic to something in the sauce without knowing it.

May God be kind to you and give you peace.

One of my Mowing Customers I had piled food scraps around one particular tree,
Such a mess it makes, and dog dung around another, , I had to drop them as a mowing customer, because of the mess they have around there house

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