Thurible for the home

Are there any good websites that sell thuribles or home censers for the home?

Check church supply stores. Most large cities have one, and there are several online.

Using a thurible is complicated, and you can burn your house down if you are not careful. Try for simplicity-- the more chains, the more chance of accidental spillage. The single ‘tea ball’ type is easiest to use, and less likely to smoke-up your house completely. You will need charcoal impregnated with black powder, the actual incense resin, a boat and spoon, a rack to hang it on, a pair of tongs, and some sort of metal surface on which the place the burning charcoal while getting them going.

That being said, you can likely find a cheap incense burner in an import store.

The charcoal is available in church supply stores, each individually wrapped in foil so it stays dry in storage. The boxes of unwrapped charcoal are cheaper, but they go bad fairly quickly unless you transfer them to a tea or biscuit tin for storage. Be careful, because they break and crumble easily.

Some of the resin smells really nasty. Sniff it before you buy.

AUTOM.COM is one company they have many good censers from $50.00 & up.
You don’t need a boat & spoon, just keep your insence in the box and use a teaspoon.

For tongs, get them at your nearest grocery or dept. store - I use simple canning tongs ( we have been using the same pair at my parish since, at least, the 1960’s).

As for something to hang it on, our mission church has been using a homemade one made out of a 2X2 nailed to a 12"X12" plywood base with a long hook at the top for longer than I can remember. I just screwed a good strong hook into a beem in the ceeling, the chain on the censer is plenty long enough to prevent the heat form the censer from setting the beem on fire (if it wasn’t then the altat servers wouldn’t be able to hold it).

I light the charcoal and then put it right into the censer (we do the same thing at church) and it burns just fine.

God bless

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