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You will find some interesting CAF threads on the Guardian Angels, including questions raised and discussed.

Sermon on the Holy Guardian Angels by St. Bernard of Clairvaux.

Role of Guardian Angels in our Lives by George Huber.

Traditional Daily Prayer
Our Guardian Angel


[FONT=Tahoma][size=3][FONT=Tahoma][size=3]Angel of God[/size]

[size=3][FONT=Tahoma]my guardian dear,[/size]

To whom God’s love
commits me here,
Ever this day,
be at my side,
To light and guard,
Rule and guide.





I tried to follow the link in the message to see all the interesting CAF threads regarding guardian angels but when I click on it I’m told there is nothing.

Our parish priest keeps saying that he is going to tell us how we can learn the name of our guardian angel. Tonight on EWTN radio they were discussing personal angels and the connection to new age religion. They said it is wrong to try to connect with your own personal angel as you don’t know if you are communicating with a good or bad angel. Can anyone fill me in on this. Is it wrong to try to learn the name of your angel? Is it wrong to communicate with your own angel? What is the Chruch’s teaching on this?


Thanks Trish!:thumbsup: I try to check any links I post and make sure that they do link ok…now and then some escape from me:D

What I did was post in the Advanced Search “guardian angels” and that gave me quite a few threads on guardian angels. Perhaps you will have luck that way. I tried the link and had the same result as you probably did…a CAF Message.:o …no interesting threads:D
I now know, if I do a Search and come up with a number of threads…I would have to post the actual link to each individual thread. Learning all the time!:thumbsup:

Aside from a personal revelation, I dont know how one could know the name of one’s guardian angel. I certainly pray to mine although he defies my imaginary powers and he has never spoken to me and no personal revelations on the subject.

New Age as to what exactly it is I don’t know…there seems to be a great variety of opinions on what New Age is, and what it is not. New Age is mysterious to me although I have suspicions and have put a thread into some Forum or other asking what it is.
I’m yet to catch up with that thread again.

Blessings and my regards…Barb:)
Edit…I hope this link to my thread asking about New Age will work ok. If not the thread title is “What is New Age” posted into Apologetics/Philosphy.


I don’t try to learn the name of my guardian angel, or even wonder if he has a name. I know I have one, and I ask him for his protection, but naming him seems just too twee to me.

I do think of him as adult, strong and nothing like those weakling looking depictions of New Age angels. I want my guardian angel to be able to kick some demon butt if need be.


I don’t try to learn my guardian angel’s name either – it never really occurred to me. :shrug: (I’m with you on wanting a strong angel to kick some demon butt! :smiley: )

Here’s a prayer I pray each morning:

Angels of God who are my family’s guardians
To whom Merciful God entrusted all of us
Enlighten and keep us this day
Guard and lead us, Amen.

(I learned this prayer from a free CD from On the CD it is in singular form (angel of God, who is my guardian) but I changed it to include my whole family. :slight_smile: )


(I’m with you on wanting a strong angel to kick some demon butt! :smiley: )

St. Michael, Archangel, officially has the job I think:thumbsup: …although I think one’s guardian angel, being one’s officially appointed guardian, would be very powerful in the above area too should St. Michael be busy:D …

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