Thy Will be Done


How is it that I can be certain that I am fulfilling the will of God? Is it more than a gut feeling? because lately I have wanted to do just that. I don't have the answers, and I want to unite my will to His since I would just end up walking around in circles on my own. I just want to be sure that I am pleasing Him in what I do.
One situation I'm currently in is trying to figure out whether I should be single or in a relationship. There is a girl that is one of my best friends, and we both share feelings for one another. My problem is that I am on a path to chastity and away from any lust; I hate that sin so much. It causes me such a great deal of distress, and is the source of my scruples. Therefore, it makes sense to me that a relationship might not be the best idea for me right now, but how do I know through prayer that God is happy with such a decision? :shrug:


Okay, here is what I advise you to do; pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for him to guide you in life. Additionally pray to you guardian angel to guide you so that you may do God's will. I have been praying for direction in my life and I have received signs. I have occasionally heard signs during homilies that God wants me to eventually be married and have a family. Also, I have had a sign when I heard something on the radio; on Sunday a priest gives spiritual talks in the morning and he was talking about marriage. I've had many other signs as well. I have also been given knowledge about relationships and I kind of understand it better know.

You can also go to mass more frequently and pray the rosary.

Also, is she Catholic? It would be a good idea to only go out with Catholics. If she doesn't believe in only using NFP then that would be a very big obstacle to the relationship. It is usually advised to only go out with Catholics.


Thanks for the advice, and yes she is Catholic. However, I hope I'm not judging in saying this, but I am definitely more "into" the faith than she is. It really amazes me how strong of feelings she has for me, and even when I have told her that I don't want to kiss or do anything physical at all, it hasn't chased her away. She doesn't really agree with me on the no kissing idea, but doesn't feel any less strongly for me because of it. I just wish that I could put the scruples and everything behind me so I could focus on a relationship, but I have such a great deal of trouble doing so.

It also scares me that I will ever find someone that doesn't want to get physical (kissing, cuddling, blah blah blah). I know it will be hard to do, but I want to please God more than myself. I have jumped into that stuff before when I was a lot more immature, and it is something I really don't want to do again. Would I even have to avoid holding hands? It just seems so hard to do anymore which really stinks.


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