Ticketmaster Vaccine Required Or Negative Covid-19 Test

This is in the early stage of planning. Should a live entertainnent company be able to require proof of vaccine or a negative test result? Could a local or national health department require either? There is no mention of religious exemptions. If you object to the vaccine then your option would be proof of negative Covid-19 test or not to attend.

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I wonder how they plan on getting around the myriad of privacy laws this would violate.


I’m sure they’ll have you sign everything away. Obviously it would be entirely voluntary.

This is just a blog, but I thought it had some interesting things to say about this under the heading “Does the law protect unvaccinated workers.”


Yeah, good luck with this, Ticketmaster. The costs and admin hurdles surrounding this are going to be ridiculous. If they translate into extra headaches for fans + extra costs added to tickets that already carry too high of a fee, then that’s going to affect sales. The smartphone thing is also not going to work well if someone chooses to deal with hard tickets that can just be handed to someone outside the venue, rather than smartphone tickets.

The only way this is going to work is if all the public spaces in some area adopt some sort of a “Show your papers” approach to mass gatherings where you have to prove you have had a COVID shot or a negative COVID test in order to get in. And are we really now going to have to be getting a new COVID shot every year, like a flu shot?

This was inevitable.

The conspiracy theorists were telling me this was going to happen (they told me this months ago that it was coming).
I did not correct them because they have been right and I was wrong so many times, that I was too timid.

Looks like the conspiracy theorists were right again.
I’m glad I will not have to “eat my lunch” (admit I was wrong) to them over this as I kept my mouth shut on this one.

You don’t need a “conspiracy theorist” to tell you that a lot of entities are going to get all interested in whether somebody has had a COVID shot or a test.

As you mention, it was looming inevitable. There will probably be some lawsuits over forcing people to release their health care info.

I’m a bit baffled by why we need to be checking up on whether people have had shots for COVID when we don’t check up on whether people got a shot for flu or anything else. I presume this is all going into a big research database somewhere and Big Data is making money off of it. Because otherwise if there’s a COVID vaccine and somebody decides to not get it, then they personally assume the risk of catching COVID, they don’t cause a risk to other vaccinated people, only to the other unvaccinated people who have likewise decided to assume the risk of catching the disease.

Tis_Bearself . . .

I presume this is all going into a big research database somewhere and Big Data is making money off of it.

I won’t argue with you on this point. . . . I don’t want to have to “eat my lunch” later. (You are probably right.)

Indeed, particularly when you visit food stores, clothing stores, banks, churches etc etc. See where this is going?

Interesting article re China using "Social Credit Scoring

At least with the Pfizer Vaccine, yes. It’ll require two shots each year for immunity. It’ll also have to be stored at -109F.

Frankly, it sounds like distribution and implementation is going to be a nightmare. There’s no way that I’m standing in line for hours to get this concoction twice a year. Hopefully, there’s a better alternative.

The CVS around here don’t even keep MMR/ varicella vax in stock because they need to store it in a fridge and it’s too much bother. I had to go to the county health clinic where they do have a fridge, to get that one.

Of course, COVID vaccine is going to be a big $$$$ for them so I suppose they’ll all of a sudden put the fridges in.

Agree with you that this Pfizer vax doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a winner.

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It’s not like they are selling food or housing. The mere fact on chooses to go go a concert is voluntary. If I were a concert goer, I would only attend under conditions where everyone was equally responsible. In any case, this will (hopefully) be a short term problem. If enough people are willing to be vaccinated, then the COVID will drop off. Regrettably, the last deaths will be preventable.

On the other hand, one can always be vaccinated and let that keep them safer, or if they cannot for medical reasons, accept this as one more restriction on their medical condition, something I am just now adjusting to.

Concerts are too expensive anyway.

It won’t work any hardship on me if I can’t see a live show.

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My worry upon reading this…

I have standing tickets to see Hamilton.

The show was postponed once, and then postponed again.

At present, they are on schedule for 2021.

I am now wondering the possibility that they make it a requirement that I submit medical records to get to the theatre and see the play.

I really don’t want the legal headache this would create.

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The BBC has said that the Billboard report is false.

“While Ticketmaster is exploring such an idea, it said there will be “absolutely no requirement” for mandated vaccines.
“We are not forcing anyone to do anything,” it said in a statement.”


“That is up to the discretion of the event organiser. Ticketmaster continues to work with event organisers on all Covid safety measures and it will be up to each event organiser to set future requirements, based on their preferences and local health guidelines.”

Darn, I was looking forward to the scalpers on the corner muttering “Tickets? Tickets? Anybody need tickets? Proof of Vaccine? Anybody need COVID proof? Get your COVID proof right here”.


I would assume that any covid screenings would be up to the venues and not the ticket sellers.

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