Tiger Woods and the Media

Does this thread go here? I apologize if it doesn’t.

My friend and I where talking about this last night-would like opinions if anywhere cares.

Why does Tiger Woods need to apologize to the public? Shouldn’t he just apologize to his family?

His behavior was repulsive. I am not justifying it at all!


I agree that the only person he needs to apologize to is his family…I think the public apology part is just a pr thing, but how genuine can it feel when that is the reason he is most likely going public with the apology.

The really odd thing is lawyer Gloria Alred (sp?) demanding a public apology for her client- one of Tiger’s indiscretions. If anyone deserves an apology it is Tiger’s wife and family. Not just from him, but from all the “other women” that knowingly got tangled up with this married man. They are as guilty of sin as he is.

I agree, this bugged the heck out of me.

I mean where does the media feel that Tiger owes them anything. He owes his family and God the apology not us.

I mean I do not see Tiger as a role model for me. He is not who I build my Faith on, it is Christ.

While yes we all owe it to God to walk in the Light, and do right, it is God who we have to answer to.

I think that is the problem that people put people like Tiger as a role model instead of the Living Christ the CC that will not let you down.

Maybe someday they will learn. Christ is our role model and leader not Tiger.:smiley:

The golf industry has built itself up around Tiger in the last decade. So a Tiger-less PGA would be devastating to it. His apology is surely meant not just for his fans, but also for all the people whose livelihood is greatly effected by his involvement in the sport.

IMO he owes his wife/family and God an apology only. I think apologizing to the public was nice, but not necessary. As far as the other women, I don’t get where Gloria Allred thinks he owes them, especially her client an apology. They knowingly got involved with a married man!! Get involved with a married man and you are naturally going to get hurt. Duh!

In addition to a PR stunt to get back in good graces with fans and the PGA, I think this was also a PR stunt to woo back his advertisers and $$$. He needs to restore some of that squeaky clean image to get back his sponsors. Eating a slice of humble pie on national TV was a means to that end.

I’m not sure he will ever be the same. We’ll always remember this crisis.

I partially blame the media. Tiger did it, but the media blew it up.

Tiger had to speak publicly before playing professional golf again. He couldn’t just ‘show up’ at a tournament and expect it to be business as usual for him pre-scandal. He owed it to his fellow players to address this and try to mitigate the circus atmosphere.

Sports writer John Feinstein had a great take on this - he said Tiger is entitled to his ‘private life’ but that he is not entitled to a ‘secret life’ - if he is going to endorse various companies and products based on ‘who he is’. Obviously he is not who we thought he was.

This is exactly my thought. It’s about salvaging his future earning potential.

As if the hundreds of millions he has already made aren’t enough.

And as if the millions he can make just from winning golf tournaments isn’t enough. The endorsements are where the real money is.

He does have a foundation to keep going, after all.

I really dont care about tiger woods or golf, but he doesnt need to apologize to the public lol, as if we are entitled to one. Woods needs to deal with his wife and family first and foremost.

He’s apologizing to the public so that he becomes marketable again, and companies start wanting to use him in commercials again.

Yesterday’s paper had 8 pages on this.:yawn:

He really isn’t the first public persona ro have acted this way. Warren Beatty just wrote a book about all his conquests. :shrug:

While this is ALL about media and p.r. etc. I think he does owe an apology to the public because of the hero that he had become - not to me but to kids who looked up to him. Whether right or wrong, he was put on a pedestal (which he accepted). I think he let down A LOT of people - not just his wife & family. Of course they need to be apologized to first and foremost (mostly his wife), but he needs to get around to those he severely disappointed (whether it’s the media, his sponsors, or the kids that transpire to be like him).

I really admire and value everyones opinion on here.

My take is much different. I would prefer that we all go back to the days of JFK, Mantle, DiMaggio., Where we could admire them as people, and as role models. All of them had troubled lives, but they cared enough to cover it up and put on the act. Where they ::ahem:: phony? Perhaps, but I don’t care.

Having said that, Tiger Woods disgusts me. He is living the life of uncontrolled young man with no moral fiber and a serious lack of zipper control. Sick, sick, sick.

He doesn’t need to apologize to anyone but his wife.

For thirty years the culture has been so intrusive to celebrities that it just makes me sick.

He did for the Gatorade.

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