Tiger Woods, "Christ!"

I was watching the Master’s golf tournament and was dismayed to hear Mr Woods exclaim in frustration the Lord’s name. After all the difficulties he has recently experienced,including the questioning of his grounding in faith, personally, I find his outburst which was caught by the microphone as an indication that he has too little respect for the game of golf and too little reverence for the creator be it in a Buddist or Christian context. Did anyone else hear this? Am I wrong for expecting more from this very public figure?

If the Facebook groups ‘I have slept with Tiger Woods also’ are any indication, he probably doesnt have the highest moral fiber content. bad for the spiritual bowels :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been known to use ‘Oh my god’ and ‘Christ’ on a daily basis, but i hate excessive swearing, it makes you look classless and low. my close friend is constantly saying f*** and it annoys me to no end.

Expletives are reserved for violence, injuries and alien/ zombie invasions IMO.


Exclaiing “christ” or “God damn it” does not make on a bad Christian or mean they don’t take their faith seriously. Usually it’s what we call,. you know, an accident? A slip of the tongue? It just comes out. If I saw a spider crawl across my chest, I’m sure I’d yell “Jesus Christ”. Doesn’t mean I don’t take my faith seriously

Whenever someone says this, it is like a knife thrust into my chest. I hate it. Even hearing ‘OMG’ ejaculated 5 times in a row from a lisping effeminate person is less painful/annoying than the Lord’s name taken lightly.

Its debasing our Church’s sense of gravitas and solemness.

I know a bunch of Catholics are reading this and saying, “C’mon, let’s not get too serious.” But honestly, think of what we’re substituting our Lord’s name for–fornication (‘’) and feces ('’).
Those are the obvious alternatives.

How are we supposed to cultivate a sense of holiness when our Lord’s name is compared to such things. And if you don’t think the media/movies/TV doesn’t have a role in it, you’re blind.

My old roommate (a St. Thomas Christian from India) once asked my other former roommate an ex-Hasidic Jew, why he constantly used our Lord’s name and if he meant to offend us intentionally. The roommate responded: “Well, it was because all of my Catholic and Christian friends use it, I was just going with the flow.” Point taken.

I did hear it as well. Now I guess I was not so much offended on the words alone but at how they were said. It was a pretty strict tone and immediatley I started thinking how he has been talking about taking his religion more serious and it made me question. Also this was not his only outburst this weekend. He had one before the 3rd round I believe. Now I did not hear what was said but from the comments of the commentators it was very similiar to the one I did hear.

I find it vary annoying when people use the name of Jesus out of context, and in place of swear words. Many people I know tell me I take it too seriously, but I can’t help it. It is just wrong.

Not trying to stir the Buddha but I think that from now on if I feel the need to shout an expletive, I will say “Buddha” After all, isn’t fair fair?

What exactly gave you the impression that Tiger Woods was some great morally upright guy in the first place? :o I don’t see how you can be surprised, considering…

I swear a lot. I drop the f bomb and c word often. They are in every second sentence i say. But i have never got into taking the lords name in vain. The closet i come is when i’m trying to do something. Like say. Trying to undo a bolt that wont come undone… I will say. “Good God” or “God this is hard” or something like that.

I hope that isn’t blaspheming. I don’t think it is. Cause, I’m actually telling him that. Not just blurting his name out in frustration.

a couple ramblings…

I HATE when people use our Lord’s and our God’s name in vain like that. There was an agnostic that I worked with who would become an atheist any time there was any discussion about God. He used those words repeatedly. I finally said one day - Tim, for a guy who doesn’t believe in God or Jesus, you sure call upon them an awful lot. The point was well taken and I think he went a month without doing it, at least in front of me. Then a particularly trying customer called and when he hung up he, {cleaned up} God darn it! I said Tim? He ‘god’ with a little g. god with a little g. :slight_smile: Kinda funny.

My Uncle was the holiest man that I personally knew and whenever someone would say something that elicited a grand response, he’d say Holy Christmas. I liked that. Instead of calling a cow or feces holy, he called Christmas holy. :slight_smile:

Tiger Woods has always had issues with profanity and club throwing. The PGA Tour has fined him many times for his profane outbursts. During his press conference before The Masters started, Tiger said he was trying to improve his on-course behavior. Sadly, when the CBS broadcast of The Masters started on Sunday, the first shot they showed of Tiger was an errant tee shot, followed by an outburst using the Lord’s name. I really don’t think he’s changed at all, on any level.

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