TIL (today I learned)

TIL that wasabi you’re being served in restaurants is most likely is not actually wasabi, but is horseradish that is colored green. 95% of US sushi restaurants don’t actually serve wasabi due to the exorbitant price.

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TIL about the Secret Darker Art of Dr. Seuss

Warning some cartoon drawings of nudity

TIL that 2000 marbles can make beautiful music. That and a whole lot of human creativity!

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TIL that gargoyles are only considered gargoyles if they collect rainwater and spit it out of their mouth. Otherwise, they are called grotesques.


TIL McDonald’s use wider straws to improve the taste of Coca Cola

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TIL John Walker created the match by accident in 1826. He was scraping a mixture of dried chemicals off of a stick in his hearth and it caught fire. Against the advice of friends he did not patent his idea, leading to others greatly profiting off of his invention

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Wow, and to think that I saw that on CAF forum street!

Thanks for sharing that! I am a fan of Dr. Seuss books. This work is like if someone had a Seuss nightmare. :joy: A very interesting mind he had!

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do you remember the original show?

TIL Jonny Quest, which first aired from September 18, 1964, was an almost instant success, both critically and ratings-wise but it was canceled after one season due to the animated show’s high production costs.

I used to watch it. And the horribly animated, as I recall, Clutch Cargo. There’s a blast from the past! :crazy_face:

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