Tim Scott Laments Democrats Refusal to Debate His Police Reform Bill

All this from a member of the legislative body that has not allowed nearly 500 bills advanced from the House of Representatives to be taken up for action. His angst should be directed toward Leader McConnell.

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So the Democrats play tit for tat in the House? Sounds like a difficult way to get anything done.

I don’t think it is tit for tat. I think it is pattern/behavior recognition on a pathway that would lead to requests not being fulfilled.

So the Democrats refuse because there isn’t anything for them in it? Why is it so hard for them to just cooperate? Why do they have to make everything so difficult? And then they turn around and blame Republicans or better yet “The Trump Administration”.

I’m so sick of all of this. I think there are bunch of 5 year olds in DC and they all need to go home. All those 5 year olds who have been there for years especially need to go home.


It will all be over come January 21st!!

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No, if Biden wins, this country is over January 21st.

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Do you honestly think if Biden wins, after what conservatives have seen occur for the last four years, that peace and harmony will suddenly reign. Aside from having the intellect of Sesame Street’s Forgetful Jones, it is unlikely anyone in either party will every work with each other again. I don’t envy Trump or Biden should they win, but at least Trump should be used to it by now.

The country has been splitting apart slowly since Obama’s first term, but traces could be seen back in the Bush and Clinton years. It is not going to be healed or united under Biden; the Republicans will likely dig in and stall as much as they can the way the Democrats have done under Trump. That is unfortunate for the regular folks like us.


Except, because of Trump, there may only be a remnant of Republican office holders left, and digging in will be irrelevant.

Perhaps. And unlike Democrats, Republicans will be less likely to take to the streets, burn down buildings, tear down public property, etc.


No, but that’s an easy narrative to apply to it unless someone looks deeper or hears the objections.

I hope you are right, but I think your assessment is far too early, given the gun toting protesters in Michigan. And, don’t forget those “very fine people” in Charlottesville. Both these examples can equally be viewed as domestic terrorism as those “taking to the streets”.

An obvious emotional over reaction would be to assume all involved in the recent uprising were Democrats, just as it would be for me to make the claim that all those involved in what I cited were Republicans.

The phrase “gun toting” is a interesting bit of demagoguery used by the leftist media. The last time it was used was in Virginia when the Democrat governor, best known for his inability to remember if he wore blackface of a KKK hood, tried to minimize the second amendment. It should be noted there was no violence by the “gun-toters” who were exercising the constitutionally protected rights . It is instructive that this same progressive movement also is complicit in police abuse in the cities they’ve run for 50 years and at the same time facilitates the use of violence by so-called protesters against the police violence they are responsible for.

The misrepresentation of this comment continues, but even if it meant what the leftist propaganda claims, he was wrong on all fronts. There were no good people on either side: mirror groups like the KKK and BLM, and Neo-Nazis and Antifa.

Perhaps, but it is entirely Democrat mayors that have allowed, and, yes, facilitated, the riots and looting.


And, don’t forget those “very fine people” in Charlottesville.

I know you are trying to imply that Trump called the neo-Nazi’s at Charlottesville very fine people -but read the transcript - he did not … just as with the unrest today - he stated that there were fine people on both sides and disavowed the agitators that wanted to spread violence … but it ruins your narrative to admit that - for you it is better to perpetuate the lie

Though Biden did one say that “good people” still raise the Confederate flag … Truth


Guess that just makes him wrong twice!

Here was a nice opportunity for both houses of Congress to work together to correct some serious problems with our nation’s policing. Instead, they play politics as usual, and to heck with the good of the country.

I’m sure if they tried, they could reach some sort of compromise on reforming qualified immunity so that it’s no longer used as an excuse to ignore right from wrong and let rogue cops get away with stuff that is clearly an abuse of their power and authority.

But, noooo! They would rather play their usual games and allow these injustices to continue indefinitely.

Next Congressional election, let’s be smart and get rid of the stonewallers and the gridlockers.

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There needs to be a lot of reform of both the House & Senate. One, there has to be term limits. Being a member of congress should not be a career. They should 2 terms maximum and are never able to run again. Two, all of those serving should not be allowed to earn any income from any source other than their pay for serving. No more getting rich serving in congress, no more “special deals” with family members, no funny money deals, nothing.

Another thing, all elections should be limited to a certain amount of money. The idea that candidates, even presidential ones, waste billions of dollars trying to convince people to vote for them is just plain stupid. Honestly, who doesn’t mute the channel when a political ad comes on TV?


That would certainly level the playing field, not only for candidates, but for voters, too.

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The problem would be trying to get term limits implemented. No way are power-hungry politicians going to voluntarily accept limited terms. Their argument will always be that it’s up to the voters to decide how long their leaders remain in Washington.

Ordinarily, I would go along with that, as the right of voters to choose their leaders, over and over again, if they wish.

But now, we are seeing the damaging ramifications of this in the form of the Deep State, where we have career politicians so deeply dug in it seems nearly impossible to get them out. And it’s largely the fault of the voters who keep repeatedly re-electing incumbents, not based on their merits, but because it’s more convenient and seems safer to go with a known quantity than elect someone new who hasn’t been tried, yet.

President Trump managed to break that precedent, and the results have been both refreshing and positive.

Maybe now, after seeing all the corruption, chicanery and power-grabbing that has gone on incessantly in the “swamp”, voters will finally be ready to get rid of its self-serving denizens. I think most of us have finally begun to realize that our basic freedoms and rights are at stake, and only WE can do something about that.

The future of our Constitutional Republic depends on it. Let’s pray the electorate does the right thing.

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Though they might shout “white power”, thus inciting the anger that leads to such activities… as per that video Trump re-tweeted and then deleted recently…
(And yes I realize that only a minority of Trump supporters belong to that “camp”… likewise only a minority of Democrats support violent protests…).

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