Tim Staples vs Calvary Chapel debate

Hi all,

Just wondering for those that have listened to Tim Staple’s debate with Calvary Chapel (Title “Catholicism meets Calvary Chapel”).

At the end of the debate the host invited Tim for another occasion to debate regarding Nazi (Jewish holocaust) and the Pope’s lack of action (btw I already know that’s not the case), which Tim accepted.
Does any one here know if this “future” debate that Tim agreed on actually took place and if so how can I get a copy?



Your title caught my attention. I did a search and found this debate for sale at 2 places.


I am ordering the debate today.

As for the future one, I am also interested if anyone knows when it will be on.

im drowning …so many other threads … must stay alive …

if no one knows of the above with Tim Staples, does any one know of any other debates related to this issue (the pope, jews and nazi germany)?

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