Tim Tebow, Mother's Super Bowl Ad To 'Celebrate Life'


I guess with someone as big as TIm Tebow involved, the network (CBS) couldn’t turn down this pro-life ad!!!

What a wonderful personality to spread the pro-life message, and on an enormous stage. Way to go, Tim and mom!

Great article, thanks for sharing. Intersting though, that you link to it at the Huffington Post. Almost all of the comments at the end are FILLED with hate. Very sad…

God bless that young man. He is a role model. He made me a Gator fan and I hope he has a good pro career.

I look forward to the ad.


Yes, I thought that was very interesting.

Thanks for sharing - this is a Superbowl I’m sure not to miss!

Great idea for an ad.

But, it isn’t because he grew up to be a star athlete. It’s because he was one of God’s creations.

Funny how much hate pro-abortion minded people will show, when they always claim they are there to love.

True…but it takes being a star athlete to get a pro-life ad on CBS during the Super Bowl, sadly.

A lot of comments after these articles are filled with hate because they know they will never have to face anyone after they comment. Sadly, they don’t (or refuse) to think they will have to face Jesus on Judgement Day. I pray for their souls.

On a better note, this article has a survey with it and the majority are ***for ***the decision to air the commercial:



Can’t wait to see it

I don’t like football, but YAY!!! :clapping:

The ad did not air afterall. We were all suckered in to boost the ratings of the Superbowl. After all CBS didn’t give one iota of coverage to the March For Life DC. We were fools to believe they would actually air the Tim Tebow pro life ad. CBS caved in for a very small group of heartless insane baby killing women. CBS should stand for Cowardly Bendable Spine. I fired off a very strong complaint to CBS. I know they’ll never respond. From here on CBS is a blocked Channel for me.

The ad did play. It was right at the beginning of the Super Bowl in probably the first to third set of commercial breaks. It was a white background with Pam talking and then Tim coming on for just a second. It was definitely a blink of miss type of moment though.

The ad that aired was not the intended one. It was a weaker choice.

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