Tim Tebow WHAT A GUY!

He has a Christ like spirit about him.


Only good thing that ever came out of Gainesville🐊. He really seems like a nice guy who has his priorities straight.

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Florida State fan?

Georgia Bulldog

My little gal CJ went to Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine in Grand Blanc, Michigan, last night!
What a night! She had a blast with some WONDERFUL sponsors! They had a room with therapy dogs, a place for nails to be done, a photo shoot room, and so much more. CJ was given a tiara and escorted in on a red carpet and treated like royalty. THANK YOU TIM TEBOW and all volunteers who made some wonderful memories for a lot of kids and adults!


WOW that is truly a blessing for her. God bless all of those who do this for these people.

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I know that he’s provided very nice recreation areas for patients and their families at children’s hospitals.

He’s a nice fellow.

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A friend escorted a special young lady to this event a few years ago and he said he had to park a block away. They had a choice of a limo or a horse drawn carriage to bring them to the ballroom. He said he was amazed at the attention to detail the kids were given.

God Bless Tim and everyone working the event to make these nights memorable for the children.


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