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I am having trouble in with this article. I know this is the best place to refute this. Could someone help me?


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It’s from the Ultra liberal Time magazine…I wouldn’t put too much thought or worry into it


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the first thing i’d say is that Methodist Minister Charlesworth needs to find some job he’s more useful at.

The tomb found was a family tomb and it was excavated many years ago. When it was found it didn’t cause any controversy because they are routinely finding Jesus, Mary, Joseph, John etc names from that time.

A family tomb of Jesus would have been in Nazareth, not Jerusalem and it would have been very simple.

The obvious objection is that it is a bit hard to claim someone was raised from the dead if someone points down the road and says ‘what about Jesus’ tomb ?’.

It wasn’t even considered by the archeologists when they found it years ago and it is only trouble makers of no scientific repute who are running with their claims for their own amusement.

As wahlmaster says - no need to worry, just laugh back at them and wait for the next effort - they’ll think of something new soon enough.


Not this AGAIN!

Seriously, nothing stinks like aged rubbish. I can think of much better objections to the Christian faith, even the “Jesus never existed” line is better than this.

It’s been debunked 1000 times, by Ben Witherington and other scripture scholars. More info here:


My guess is, it didn’t really manage to destroy Christianity the last Lent/Easter, so they’re going to repackage it again for this year (New and improved with 75% more blasphemy!).



What is even more hilarious is that there is “Related Article”, that states Jesus died in Japan at the age of 106. Come on, which one is it?


Nah, he never died, the Omega Factor cyborg intelligence UFO beamed him up on the mount of olives and took him to Omicron V. After linking up with Joseph Smith and John Wesley, he’s going to come down in a blaze of glory in a spaceship piloted by the Hidden Imam, and wipe the unbelievers off the face of the planet and drive Zenu out of the solar system… oh yeah and Jesus is really a rasta and all white people are really body thetans from outer space.


Make sure you get some of the royalties mschrank when the book comes out. :smiley:


ms << off the face of the planet and drive Zenu out of the solar system… oh yeah and Jesus is really a rasta and all white people are really body thetans from outer space. >>

Hee hee :smiley: Seriously now, here is a compilation of some of the better stuff on the Jesus Tomb when it appeared (again! for the first time! :rolleyes: ) last year.

Archaeologists on the Lost Tomb of Jesus

Phil P


This is seriously old and it’s getting a bit boring.

Ye, they found a tomb with someone named Jesus. Big deal. If will go to the local cemetery and by any chance find a tomb with the name Mary written on the tombstone, I might as well assume it’s my grandmother. :rolleyes:


As others have said, I too am getting a bit tired of this ‘news’ and the claim about Jesus’ tomb is not accepted by any serious scholars. I wouldn’t dwell on this topic too much as it is one, which, despite reasonable argument, will keep coming up again and again. However I will give you the response I gave to an Irish newspaper on this topic when it resurfaced about this time last year. It was in response to a letter to the editor which had been given the caption ‘Jesus was just a man’.

"Sir - I wish to reply to _____'s letter of February 28 (‘Jesus was just a man’). Mr ___ informs us that ‘James Cameron and the Discovery Channel have added significantly to the debate that Jesus Christ was just a man’. Christians are well used to sections of the media taking cheap shots at their faith, but I cannot remember when I last heard such utter nonsense.

The first point is that the argument that these tombs belonged to Jesus and his family was discounted in the mid-nineties. The inscriptions were found to be forgeries and four men were charged with this and further forgeries of Biblical ‘artefacts’.

If the inscriptions had been genuine, the chances of the tombs being those of Christ and Mary Magdalene are slim. Scholars tell us that in first-century Judea, one in four Jewish women were called Mary, and the name Jesus, meaning ‘God is salvation’, appears in some form or another numerous times in the Old Testament.

More and more scholars are now agreeing that the chances of it being the tomb of Christ and Mary Magdalene are unlikely.

One must realise, in relation to the supposed relationship between Jesus and Mary, that DNA tests only showed that the bodies were not related matrilineally. Why should we conclude that this necessarily means that they were married?

Finally, the Resurrection of Christ’s body will never be scientifically proven. It is a question of faith only, and scientists should realise this.

Christians are Christians because of the Resurrection. This is their faith, and it is not a ‘security blanket’ as Mr ___ calls it. The bones of Christ will never be found in a tomb, because they are in glory somewhere beyond the comprehension of all of us- even scientists."

But of course for those who don’t believe, no sort of argument will be good enough, so I don’t think you should use too much energy on debating this topic!!


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