Time Article on Exorcism


quick, but interesting read…

The Story of a Modern-Day Exorcist


I found it a very ‘pop culture’ and not very good article about exorcism I have to say.


I thought this excerpt was particularly sad:

Typically, when the person comes to see them, it’s the last thing they want to do. They tend to have gone to see many doctors in search of a medical cure for whatever is afflicting them. They don’t believe that the problem is demonic. They don’t come in and say, “Father, I’m being attacked by demons, you need to pray over me.” When someone says that to them, the priests immediately discounts that the problem is demonic.

I hope the highlighted part isn’t true. :frowning:


Yes, that was one of the absolute most disturbing and worst bits, not that there weren’t plenty of problems otherwise. :mad:


The more disturbing part is the statement that more and more priests discount the devil and demons as non-existent. When all priests think like this, we are in really big touble.


:confused: I thought the article was saying the opposite:

Interestingly, though, the newer generation of priests are more responsive to the reality of the devil, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that John Paul II was and Pope Benedict XVI is a little more conservative, so the younger seminarians are a little less apt to ridicule. The older priests of Father Gary’s generation didn’t want to talk about it.


Written from a journalist standpoint, I thought it went really well. He was open-minded and expressed what he encountered. I’m not sure why you thought of it this way. Your thoughts?




It seems that the more time passed, the less interested in evil that the Church and the Christian Church at large has become. However, I believe the tide is turning. The Church seems to be rebuilding what it had at one time left in disarray. Father Gabrielle Amorth and others have expressed their displeasure at the lack of training and focus on this problem. The good news is that more attention is being paid to it, including younger seminarians who are taking it seriously. And just in time it seems.




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