Time clock Catholicism

I believe that we all are calling to try to apply what we learn from our Mass experience to our life outside of the church.
But it seems like some folks are time clock Catholics.
On Sunday, they punch in on their way into church and then on the way out, they punch out.
Pardon me if I sound judgmental here. I do not mean to judge others on how they live their lives.
I, too, am challenged in trying to living life in this world that way I do in church. Perhaps, I too, am a bit of a time clock Catholic.
God bless all who participate in the CAF forums!!! :pray::pray::pray:

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It’s a constant struggle, especially for those who live in the everyday world, to truly be mindful of Christ through the work week.


You’ve mentioned this before, OP, and I am wondering why you seem to be constantly returning to the thought.

One thing I wonder each time you post on this or similar topic is, how do you know that your fellow Catholics are NOT “living life in this world the way that they do in church”?

Unless you are speaking of your immediate family or close friends, it seems like you would not spend enough time with other Catholics to know what they are doing all week.

Or are you speaking of a small subset or group of Catholics whom you encounter, perhaps in parish business, who gossip or do things you think are not quite Christlike? If so, I can see how it would be frustrating, but again, you aren’t spending time with them in all their other activities.

Or does this have to do with people who openly disagree with some big issue, political position, etc. that you think is very important?

I am mystified by your basis for claiming that people are not practicing their faith in daily life. Can you give examples of exactly what you’re talking about? And on what basis you think they are deficient?

Also, why are you so concerned with what other Catholics are doing? You mention that you too are challenged, which is good that you’re able to own up to that. So why don’t you focus primarily on living up to the faith yourself, and just pray for others and where possible try to help them? And accept their failings when they seem to fall short of your standards?


Yes, otherwise known as the “Sunday Catholic”. Been there done that so I know exactly what that means. Raised Catholic but until a few years ago I was very weak in knowledge and in practice of my faith.

We are dismissed from mass with the words “Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord” for a reason. That’s what I’m trying to live by.

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Physician heal thy self. I am speaking mainly to me. I have good intentions, but can’t seem to make it work, some of the time.

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I have the same problem (Don’t we all).
A priest told me in confession that when this happens and we repeat the same behaviors, it’s God letting us know that we can’t do it alone, that we need God.

I find it helpful to remind myself that I can’t do anything on my own, but that I can do all things through God who strengthens me, and ONLY through God. It’s a similar reasoning to AA"s concept of a Higher Power. It’s also the truth.

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Let us assume that they are better than that. Some may be even holier than you or me. And even if they are not, Jesus loves them all.


I went through this for a few years when I attended a Diaconate Parish I think the two things that helped me the most was learning about the liturgy and the symbolism especially the Eucharist but also helping my community.

For a while there I was doing the Knights of Columbus and then I switched to full-time work with a Eastern Rite mission.

You also have to be living a Catholic life throughout your entire week otherwise it’s just a mundane thing that you’re obligated to do once a week so you don’t go to Hell. :sleeping:

Ah, but they are not completed beings! Their journey is not over. Experiences and revelations remain to be realized by them. I was much worse than that when I began my faith life. I cannot claim to be much better now, but I have certainly grown with grace as time has passed. Look at them as pilgrims - they have not arrived.

And neither have we.


Thanks for your wise words. They help alot. :+1:

Yes, it is. It gets easier when one is retired :smiley:



Or how canst thou say to thy brother: Brother, let me pull the mote out of thy eye, when thou thyself seest not the beam in thy own eye?


Judge not lest ye be judged.

I have a hard enough time keeping myself straight to worry about others except possibly my wife; and she is more likely to correct me.


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