Time for divorce to take effect after signing by judge?


does anyone know how much time it takes after you sign the papers for the judge to sign the divorce decree?

i just got a shock when someone told me that it takes 2 months from the moment that u gave the papers to the court and the judge signs it… is that true?


Your lawyer or county clerk should be able to help you with your question.


i got 2 separate answers - my attorney said a week and his attorney said 2 months…


I’m sorry you are going through a divorce mariam, you have my prayers. It’s so sad, I see so many marriage problems on here. I wish you well my friend.


thank you… although when i read some of the posts here, i am so happy now becos i see so many people who are so happily married and have the right values, that i know that i was right and i still have a chance at a normal life…

thank you for your prayers… i need them right now as i can feel myself slipping into a depression and i dont want to do that…

i just want this divorce to be signed and over with but he is making it difficult…


Oh you poor dear Mariam. I’ve read your posts, you seem like a beautiful person and I’m sure you will have a normal life, you deserve that. I’m sorry he is making difficult. Depression can be deblitating, if you feel yourself slipping…is there someone you can talk to? Have you been seeing a priest? Please get plenty of rest and eat well, go for walks if you can. I know just the fresh air alone can help. I’ve been there. You have people who love you in your life I’m sure, focusing on them can help.


yes… i am focussing on people who love me right now and that is helping…

thank you for your prayers… please do pray for me so that this divorce is finalised soon…


:gopray: I shall include you in my prayers.


Depends on the state law. But as somebody else said, ask the clerk of the court for sure.


Mariam, that would explain why your attorney says two weeks and his says two months. I know from my own atty that we could have delayed it quite a bit by not pushing the judge to sign it and have it filed. Ask your attorney to make an effort to hurry it through - where I live, the atty can find out it’s signed then personally deliver the papers from the judge to the place where it is filed so that it happens as quickly as possible.

Does your diocese have any support programs for those going through divorce? Mine does and the program was a great way to have people to talk to who really understood what I was going through. It is a big step to finally be through with all of the court proceedings - they are such a terrible source of stress. God bless you as you continue on to the rest of your life!


Miriam -

It could be worse. I live in a county that has a 77% divorce rate. It takes anywhere from 16 months to 2 years to get a divorce through the courts because they are so backed up.

Good luck.


thank you so much for this suggestion of your momof8, i finally got the papers signed from him today and filed it with the court… my attorney was right… i asked the clerk and she said that the judge would sign it in 3-4 days and i could come in personally next week and get it filed on the same day if i stand in line…

it was becos of this suggestion of urs that i asked the clerk and she was a sweetheart and gave me all the information…

i thank every one of you for all your help in this matter… thank you for all your prayers…


I’m glad the information was helpful, Miriam.

Best wishes now that everything is taken care of, and may God be with you!


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