Time For Republicans to Step up to the Plate

**Time For Republicans to Step up to the Plate. **
by N. Beaujon
March 8, 2005

George Bush, former part owner of the Texas Rangers should understand this baseball analogy: It’s the 8th inning in the second game of the World Series and you’re down 12 runs. You were last years World Series champions, so how did you go from hero to goat? Likely, by resting on your laurels and taking your fan base for granted.

Republicans had better not count on the successes of last season to think they’re going to win in 2006 or 2008. In the world of politics and art, you’re only as good as your last performance and this years record has been a disgrace.

Republicans are not like Democrats, we can’t be bought off with a bus ride and a vial of [/font]crack You wont get us to the polls because we “have no where else to go”. If conservative lawmakers drop the ball on ending illegal immigration, filibustering judicial nominees and owning up to their failures in the Terri Schiavo case the Party is over. Our fealty is to our moral convictions not yesterday’s poll numbers or keeping lapsed conservatives in power. To watch congressional Republicans capitulate on the Terri Schiavo murder, on the basis of faulty polling, of all things, was such a disgraceful spectacle that no true conservative will ever forget.

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They can’t step up to the plate - they stole it and sold it already.

Today’s republican party is populated by scum sucking bottom feeders.

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