Time for seed to sprout and grow into plant?

hello everyone…

i am new to growing herbs from seeds and i planted some parsley, rosemary last saturday and i dont see any small plants in the soil… :frowning:

can someone tell me if that is enough time to give and should i give up hope that the seeds survived?

:crying: so disappointed!!!

Plants don’t always make it. But a week isn’t long at all. Every year is different and every seed is unique. They’re probably alive. If not, there’s loads of time to start over.

how much time do you think i should wait… another week before i give up?

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Here is a great site that I use for great info on all kinds a gardening…Enjoy!



They should sprout if the soil is warm enough, and they have plenty of light and sufficient water. But at first you might think they are tiny weeds.

Everyone does things differently, but here in NE Ohio, I have found it easier to start seeds in a small container indoors in late Jan. or Feb. and provide a light source and then transplant them later into the ground or a container outside when the frost danger is gone. You can also grow your herbs indoors all year long in a sunny window. Of course LA is warmer than NE Ohio, and has more sunshine, so you can plant them outside earlier.

Rosemary is a small shrub and some people say not to harvest it until the second year. I have never grown it from seed, though, so I really don’t know. But those fresh herbs really taste good!

Be sure they’re warm (75 deg. or more), and give them more time. Some seeds need 2 or 3 weeks. Depends on what you’re growing. Stay with it, the miracle will occur…Roanoker

Don’t give up on the parsley yet. Especially if it’s cooler, it could take around 14 days to sprout. Make sure not to plant the seeds too deep, I believe parsley is one that needs some light to sprout.

Rosemary is hard to start from seed. Try to get a clipping or several from a friend or neighbor, then strip the leaves off about 1" and set the stems in soil (about 3/4"), water lightly when dry and wait for new growth to appear.

Basil is a great herb to start from seed.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

thanks u guys…

i was just so impatient that I went and bought myself some rosemary, basil plants and will be transplanting them into my pots… :smiley:

i also got a rose…

i should have done this to begin with… :)))))))

i love to see things grow … and need to see some green… hehehe makes a house feel like home…:slight_smile:

well… since i did not listen to you guys… i now have rosemary in the same pot with pepper plants growing…

the seeds finally sprouted and growing strong… hehehehe

while i am so happy that all the seeds that i sowed are growing, i dont know what to do!!! i am scared to transplant the rosemary at the moment as that would harm the same pepper plants growing around it…

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