Time length of TLM?

How long does a TLM last??? The reason I ask is that a parish in town close to my work has one at 7 am every weekday. I didnt know if I could make it to work on time…thanks guys!!!

Standard Low Mass with a 10 min sermon and about 100 communicants will take 1 hr. If it is a Sung Mass, add 20 min, and a Solemn High Mass is 2 hrs.

If there is no sermon and say 50 people receiving communion, 45 minutes?

Wish I had one close to work.

This might be slightly off topic but I wanted to voice a thought that I’ve been having. The thought is this: There seem to be anecdotal stories regarding priest’s rushing the Tridentine Mass, and while this may have happened one thing that should be taken into account is that there is only one epistle - not two old testament readings. The week day Novus Ordo, which only has one reading (not including the gospel, obviously), is only 40ish minutes after all - or at least the one I attend.


Any weekday mass I have attended…and I attend mass everyday sometimes in different parishes, has lasted no longer than 35 mintues. In our area many go to mass before work so the priests take that into consideration. Most homilies are about 3 minutes long for daily mass. I don’t know about TLM now, but when I was a kid a low mass during the week was really short. My mother tell me they were about 20 minutes.

I’ve been to both NO and TLM weekday Masses that were over in 15-20 minutes. In both cases, there was no homily/sermon. Also, only about 20 people receiving Communion.

Between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the particular day. Some days exclude the gloria and creed. Almost never longer than 40 minutes, except possibly during holy week.

I have never been to a weekday low mass that had a Sermon.

Low Mass 1 hr. depending on attendance.
High Mass 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. depending on the occassion and attendance.
It varies from parish to parish, so there is no right answer.

Laudater Jesus Christus
Instaurare omnia in Christo

While I have been one of the witnesses at a “drive-by” TLM in my youth (7 minutes- and Mother Superior was horrified and made the school children perform penance sacrficies of prayer for the priest who did it), a reverent “low” Mass with 20-30 attendees takes about as long as a NO (OU) Mass: 20 minutes max without music, 30-40 minutes with music. When one starts talking “high” Mass, think an equivalent of the Sunday NO with choir or schola. Solemn High- Think special occasion NO.

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