Time management and Religious orders


Who are the best religious orders to emulate for better time management? I still want go on here but less frequently. I want to be conservative with my words. I want to dedicate more time for prayer. Less time for TV. All around more productive


If you look up different monasteries or convents you can see what their daily schedules are like. I think the difficulty is not in coming up with a schedule, but the discipline required to follow it. Following through on something when all you want to do is watch TV takes effort. It probably helps to be in a community where everyone is doing the same thing.


Technology may certainly be a holy help.


Make a rule . It includes what you time block your day with .


You want to emulate a religious order now ? wow lol


caritas supra omnina, Seagull


read the Rules of orders.


I’m partial to the Rule of St. Benedict, but I do not use it as a strict template in my case, since I am not a monk. One of the things I admire best about Benedict’s Rule is that for almost every regulation he sets forth, he makes exceptions for an individual’s particular situation, for example, if they are sick or working or traveling. The important thing is to set up a schedule with priorities that make sense for your situation in life, including ample time for prayer, work and rest, and then to try to stick with it.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: my first thought was the Rule of St. Benedict, but…

Make you own rule and stick to it. Block off time. Set timers. If you have to, use one of those parental control apps that disables certain apps on your phone so that you literally cannot be online.


I need quit this altogether and manage my time better. I’m online too much. I keep saying I’ll quit. The next day I’m back


Do you typically access from your phone or a computer?

Someone I know was tackling this problem for Lent…phone and social media use…and had a jar on the counter they put their phone inside to sort of physically clock in and clock out of phone time.

Removing bookmarks and shortcuts can help too so that you have to do a little more work to get back to the site. It makes your usage more intentional.


I’m not kidding I have close to 200+ or more bookmarks. I access the internet either through my tablet or computer or phone. If I’m not online for a day I feel like I missed out on something. I like to understand subjects thoroughly.


Remove the bookmarks that are most enticing/most time wasting/have the greatest hold on you. If it’s an app, delete the app. You won’t want to do any of these things because it is sort of an addiction.


I want to test myself if I go at least one week without checking social media. I need to check my email regularly. I don’t need to check CAF or reddit regularly.


I’ll start with a week without CAF and reddit. I want to stubbornly resist my urge to visit and see what I missed.

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