Time of Daily Prayers


If one commits to praying something daily (i.e. the Rosary with the Brown Scapular), does that mean it must be prayed before 12:00 AM or just before you go to sleep. And if one stays up all night, should they just pray twice for there extra long day?


I think the answer depends on the overall commitment you made to begin with. If you committed yourself to do something at a specific time, then by all means, try to stick with that time. If you generalized and made a commitment to do something once a day, then try to do it before that day expires.

However, if your like me, I’m frequently up till after midnight and find myself trying to “catch up.” I will often end up praying the rosary after midnight, and often find myself doing multiple readings all at once, that were supposed to be done at certain times during the day.

If you’ve made a commitment to pray or otherwise, once a day, try to do it on that day. But life being what it is, this is not always possible. The important thing is do it, even if its late. One days where you are up all night, just do it twice that next day. Include as part of what it is your doing, a brief apology to Our Lord or His Mother that you where not able, or forgot to do what you committed to, on the previous day. They, of course, already know this, but the humility you express in offering such an apology will not go unnoticed by Our Lord or His Mother, and they will appreciate the fact that you kept you commitment, even if late.


don’t worry about time as long as you do it. And dont put it off because the longer you leave it towards the end of the day you start to get a sence of not wanting to do it at all because it is to late and you are tiered and you might end up not doing it properly. GOD BLESS


If at all possible do your prayers first thing. I say a simple prayer when I wake up then get a cup of coffee. After the first cup I refill and begin my morning prayers. I believe starting your day with prayer is important.:thumbsup:


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