Time Of Purity...


Well, I know that Catholics usually condemn the use of condoms and BC, but what about the time of purity as some call it. This is immediately after a woman has finished menstruating, and her new egg has not dropped, there fore, if she has intercourse, she can’t get pregnant. I just wanna know, do Catholics condemn this form of natural contraception as evil?


This isn’t “contraception”, actually. It’s just infetility during the cycle. Contraception deliberately goes against the creation of life. However, the Catholic Church accepts intercourse in the infertle times during the period because thet are still open to life in that there is no barrier or manipulation of hormones, etc. It’s the way nature intended. Also, there are the "miracle"pregnancies that could happen as a result of the sperm living longer than the approximate 3 days and conception occuring. So to make a short answer long, no, the Church does not condemn this. However, the infertile times are not to be used with a “contraceptive” mentality. (eg, Avoiding a pregnancy using the natural methods only because the “Church says so” and the couple wants no part of giving life.) Just a side note, the Jewish law forbids a couple to be together during that “time of purity” for reasons of “uncleanness”. I think there is something to it. If for nothing else, abstinance can develope respect.


u quote Wicca sayings… Are you one of those?


One of those as in a wiccan, well, yes i am. and not 2 mention, rather proud of it. and now back to the main subject…


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