Time: The Pope's Christmas Gift: A Tough Line on Church Doctrine

“Those nicknames from the past — God’s Rottweiler, the Panzercardinal — don’t seem to stick anymore. After acquiring a reputation as an aggressive, doctrine-enforcing Cardinal, Pope Benedict XVI has surprised many with his gentle manner and his writings on Christian love. But with the Christmas season upon us, there is growing proof that the 82-year-old Pope is also quite willing to play the part of Scrooge to defend his often rigid view of Church doctrine. . . . .”

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Shame on Time for disrespecting our Holy Father and likening him to Scrooge.

“Rigid” as in “unbending, firm, inflexible”?

Thank God.

Benedict’s envoy to the United Nations, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, has announced that the Vatican will oppose a proposed U.N. declaration calling for an end to discrimination against homosexuals. At first blush, no one should be surprised to find the Catholic Church hierarchy butting heads with gay rights activists. But this particular French-sponsored proposal, which has the backing of all 27 European Union countries, calls for an end to the practice of criminalizing and punishing people for their sexual orientation.

Archbishop Migliore confirmed on Tuesday that the Vatican had also refused to sign a U.N. document last May in support of the rights of the disabled because it did not include condemnation of abortion, and the rights the fetus with birth defects.

Its stuff like this that convinced me the Church has lost its moral compass. :frowning:

God Bless the Holy Father for standing firm!

Why would any good Catholic give credibilty to Time ??

I love our Pope.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI. Holy Mother Church needs to be vocal in her stand on morality in this modern world.:thumbsup:

[LEFT]That article was just stupid.

“The right to speak out and teach the nations, which the Church received from God Himself in the person of the Apostles, has been usurped by a mob of obscure journalists and ignorant charlatans.”–St. Anthony Mary Claret [/LEFT]

“The Vatican’s critics are already going ballistic over its opposition to the U.N. declaration. Italian newspapers have branded the Catholic Church’s position ‘total idiocy and madness,’ accusing it of being ‘obsessed with sin.’ Amnesty International has weighed in against the Vatican and *Time *magazine has branded Pope Benedict XVI ‘Scrooge’ for resisting the French declaration. All of these boilerplate comments are off-base.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for being “obsesses” with sin and being careful of the souls in this modern world.

I am reminded of wha a friend, an Episcoplan and a liberal at that, said about a visit to his daughter and her husband, who are Catholics. He and his wife went to mass with them, and he said he was totally put off by all the commotion during the sign of peace, when the mass simply stopped for more than 15 minutes, before communion was given.

The whole thing is just so 60ish, like the guitar masses that thankfully are less frequently encountered.


Time is a national newsweekly and was a significant magazine for some years. But as time passed, it too began to succumb to a certain bias.

May God bless Pope Benedict. In a world of opinions, a clear, strong voice is needed. Opinions do not shape lives, truth does.


Thank God for Pope Benedict XVI. He’s the remedy this horrific period of history needs most.

If it’s not disrespectful to call a friend of yours Scrooge, then it’s not here either. The respect we owe Benedict XVI is the same deep respect we owe any other human being. It also means that we don’t put him on a divine pedestal and make him immune from the O the Humanity crudeness of pop culture references :wink:

Even with God himself as we saw revealed in his realsymbol, Jesus, it’s likely that Jesus joked with his friends and his friends (disciples), with him. You can make a joke about the Pope and you can also make a joke about God. My understanding is the pope is an affable man with a good sense of humor. Rumor has it that God has a sense of humor sublime to our understanding as well.

I havent’ read Time in years, but when I did, it was known for a conservative bias. Newsweek I know today has a preponderance of liberal bias, though it does have spirited columnists from the right (ex. Karl Rove).

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a scrooge is “a person who is miserly.” A miser is a hoarder. This hardly describes our Holy Father even though he, like us, is a sinner, too.

So our Pope, the successor of St. Peter, might as well be any old Joe Blow? Since priests essentially differ from laymen, taking your statement far enough would imply that a layman could be Pope.

Jesus is not merely a symbol.

I never saw Him joke about His Father and His Father’s will.

Tell me about it. This is what has been happening in since the introduction of Vatican II’s Novus Ordo mass.

I am sure he is, but he is also austere when it comes to matters of importance, such as God and how we must worship Him.

Even if He does, He still deserves our utmost respect.

Good reply to jfhh. I noticed s/he posts 28+ times a day. Also noticed there is no religion mentioned. So that makes replying to Jfhh a little harder to do then if I know where they are coming from.

love the Holy Father!

Thank God for Pope Benedict XVI !!! :love:

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