Time to organize: Sign up now for the TLM

Taken from the LumenGentleman website:

[quote=]Summorum Pontificum Contact Database

The motu proprio has been released! The next step is to start putting the Catholic faithful who want to assist at the extraordinary form of the Holy Mass in touch with Catholic priests who want to say the extraordinary form of the Holy Mass. Please fill out the form below with your contact information so we can help you make a connection.

Please make sure to include your geographical information (it will be difficult to link you up with others in your area if you don’t), as well as an email address so that you can be contacted when a match is found. Your information is private and will not be shared with anyone without your consent. Also, including your parish of registry will be very important for helping to connect people in the same parish who may be unaware of each other.

Sign up today in your area. Here’s the link…


A good first step

Thanks for that link! :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to pass it around!

Here’s the results so far of their sign up list, based on location.

Don’t be afraid to sign up. Your privacy is protected. There are several folks in MA but I hope many more sign up.

This is a good idea. I’m sure there are many people out there who think they are the only one in there area with such a desire–or even priests who don’t think there is interest.:thumbsup:

I am in!

I hope one day to assist at the extrraordinary Mass.

Ave Maria!

You’re right. Lubbock is so protestant and our bishop is a bit on the liberal side, I thought only my roommate (and he’s a convert), myself and my priest were the only ones excited about the Pope releasing it. But now I have been able to contact someone else that agrees.:thumbsup:

Great idea! Hope something comes of this.

Well, for me it is a great step toward unity. I have already met a new friend in my diocese, yet he is on the farthermost island from me. We both are in prayerful hope of others asking for the TLM. Although it is still early, we are not having much luck finding other Catholics of like mind. Please pray for us.

I will certainly pray for you and all who desire the TLM!

Bumping in case anyone missed this the first time.

Done! Thanx. Great idea.:thumbsup:
Pax Christi,

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