Time to Read!!

If you are a parent at home with kids, what are some of your ways that you find the time to read about your faith I married someone who has hundred of excellent books on the church and I’m just dieing to delve in. Just wanting to share any ideas and support. Thanks!

I try to read when they are eating their lunches, while I was nursing a baby, late at night after they are in bed. I don’t know what ages your children are, but I have found it helpful to rise 1/2 hour earlier in the morning and get in some prayer time first. Generally it is while they are eating their lunches and the fairly calm time immediately afterward that I am able to read and concentrate. Most of the other times I am still groggy or sleepy or too distracted to really retain what I read.
St. Teresa of Avila reminds us that it is very difficult for parents to advance in the spiritual life; not hard to achieve holiness, you understand; but hard to dedicate time to spiritual growth. If all your children are still very young you might want to tackle a book that will really hold your interest.
I am trying to read Pope John Paul II talks on the Theology of the Body + the Theology of the Body Explained by Chris. West.

thank you momsix!

When I find time to read:

  1. In bed after kids are asleep and before I doze off.
  2. Take the kids to park/playground/McDonalds playland, and read while keeping one eye on kids and one eye on book.
  3. Waiting rooms (Dr., Dentist, etc.)
  4. Never underestimate the bathroom! :wink:

A minute here and minute there for myself. I’ve found that I’ve learned much by reading catholic materials to my children - you’ll be amazed at the conversations you can have about the Faith and God even with a young child. Read about the saints!

The bathroom is my reading place too! I also try to get up earlier than my kids and read then. (TRY is the key word here - I have a 6 month old who is still not sleeping through the night so when my 22 month old sleeps in, I WANT to too!!) My son (the 22month old) naps after lunch, so I often have a half hour or so to read then if there aren’t too many other things to do. Depending on what you are reading and how heavy it is, could you read aloud? During Lent, my husband and I made an effort to do some sort of daily religious reading - scripture, a daily devotional, or bible history, etc. We would let our son play on the floor quietly with some religious toys (his own bibles, unblessed rossary, Mary/Joseph statues, etc). to signifiy that it was a spiritual time while we read aloud. I was surprised by how both of my kids responded to this.

Good luck!

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