Time to take a serious look at ourselves

Is it only me are there other out there that now consider that mankind has to really start looking at their own selves to fix this problem of the current world crisis.

The fact is that the vast majority of the planet want peace. A whole swag of us proclaim a Faith that teaches us to Love each other, but we are not achieving this.

Where are we as Humanity going to take this would be the best question?.

Regards Tony

Hi Tony,

It’s interesting that Buddhism usually starts from the premise that we need to take a good look at ourselves. Calming ourselves down, then observing our thoughts is often seen as the path to insight. This calming-insight is often practised as what they call Samatha-Vipassana meditation. It is also seen as the path for compassion for others - as when we can see what drives us to unwise behaviours then we can more readily recognise that others, who we might not like very much, are not that unlike ourselves really.

As for peace, I love the old adage: “there is no way to peace; Peace is the way”.

May I ask what Baha’i teaches in respect of this question?

God bless +


I like your answer.

The Unity of Mankind its to us the next step it has to take. Unity must be established before peace and security can unfold.

We can only acheive this with the realisation that we are one humanity.

I like to consider that if we see bad in any one, it is but a reflection of what we are also like. That too look for only good moulds the good upon us as well.

Thank you for responding.

Regards Tony

Many people do want peace; however, too many define peace in a counter-productive way. There are also many others who don’t give 2 hoots for peace, what they want is what *they *want, and they are willing to go to various lengths to get it. Are the truly peace-loving people to just allow themselves to be run over by these people?


Now the right question has been asked :thumbsup:

So how do we go about this path to peace and at the same time administer Justice to the oppressors and tyrants?

Offering Thumbs up to your remarks will not fix the issue! :wink:

Regards Tony

Well, the world at large will not listen to religious leaders, christian or otherwise. We are doomed to hurtle through space on this rock with war-mongerers, violent & angry people.

Spending too much time thinking about the worst amongst us can be counterproductive to the well being of the spirit. So what can be done? The practical thing I do is start in my community, one-on-one by volunteering with homeless and at risk youth, affect and infect the young with positivity before they are infected and affect the world with negativity. And of course as a christian I believe in the transformational power of prayer, that is a another practical and tangible thing I can do. Those two small acts bring me hope.

That is a great way to start :thumbsup:

Working for unity a key to it happening.

God bless and regards Tony

Don’t know about that. There are plenty in the world at large including people in positions of power listening to religious leaders.

we as humanity, is merely and only a human created mental construct (concept, idea). humanity does not have a single will and a single intellect. so, humanity is not able to do anything. only individual humans can do something in and about this world.

This is the Negative aspect, the glass half empty approach. Imagine if each cell in our body had this approach, this approach brings decay and separation.

Jesus Christ gave the required instructions for us to be One with each other. To be one in Faith, One in Aim, One in Love.

United we Stand, Divided we fall :wink:

We are all from the same Source, our one and Only God and to Him we shall all return. This is a oneness beyond our Imagining.

Thus Unity is now the key for mankind, we must obtain this unity.

God Bless and Regards Tony

I don’t know if I agree with the idea that the world wants peace. Have you watched a news channel on your TV in the last 10-15 years at all? Yeah, it’s good to look at ourselves as blame for evil things, but let’s not forget to look at others. ISIS for example; they are beyond peace. Being all lovey dovey with them would be counter-productive. Would making peace with the Illuminati accomplish anything, either?

Frankly, I’d rather have people like ISIS and Boko Haram die [and go to Hell] than make peace with them. Let’s not be so limp-wristed.

The Foundation of Love requires Justice. Any Muslim that underatands the Justice that Muhammad revealed to mankind is not that of radicals.

We wish only good for every person, but that good sometimes requires the appropriate penalty to be issued.

This Justice now needs to be applied on a worldly scale, all must unite to eradicate injustice and tyranny.

Big subject to cover in a few words.

Regards Tony

That sounds a lot like what the Illuminati would say. They believe that a one-world-government is the solution to all our problems. I’d like to suggest that that is the opposite of freedom. I use my freedom to be different.

We should be taking a serious look at ourselves only in so much as it makes us look to God. My brand of Christians have no doubt things will get worse before they get better, and the only true answer is the bodily return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Until then we have His orders that tell us what to do, and His people will be doing those things right up til the end, as we aren’t to lose hope or give up, quite the opposite. We aren’t to have unity with the world, we are to be in it but not of it, and have unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ, while at the same time loving our enemies and responding to them as Jesus has taught.

Fulfilling our roles in our families, communities, nations, and in the world at large. Offering ourselves as living sacrifices, and living out our faith in whatever way God is calling us to do.

Yes 100% Look to God for all the answers. To find God we must look within ourselves as it is in our Heart as to where we find God within with His Laws.

Regards Tony

what does this concept of “unity for mankind” mean to those who are using it in this thread?

it seems so shallow, without further definition, this cry for unity for mankind. i am sure that it has a specific meaning to its users. but, as others have said, a variety of people, from communist leaders to the masons to the illuminati, have called for the unity of mankind.

why is this idea of unity, whatever its definition, now the key for mankind?

to what for mankind, is unity the key?

so many questions, so few answers, alas, alas.

It is not there are not answers but so few to implement them. If a Christian was a Christian a Jew was a Jew a Muslim was a Muslim and a Baha’i was a Baha’i etc, then unity would already have been rolled out upon this earth.

Unity is found in Gods Word and Laws, one quote is;

“The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High hath revealed are suffered to pass unheeded”.

The good news is the world is changing fast, the realization that the world hast to find this Unity is unfolding more and more each day.

Regards Tony

Tony, didn’t you go by the name of Tonyfish before?


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