Time until Baptism


How long does an adult convert have to attend Mass until they are able to be baptized?


An hour or so, depending on how many readings are used at the Easter Vigil.



I see that you say you are an Episcopalian. You have already been validly Baptized. If you want to convert to Catholicism, you may enroll in a class called RCIA.
Anyone may attend Mass. Many non-Catholic do, as they come to see what it’s like, to learn, and also attend with their Catholic spouses.



I’m new to the Episcopal church and have yet to be baptized. I have also attended Catholic Mass but haven’t taken Eucharist because of my status as an unbaptized person. I say that I am Episcopal because that is the church I go to the most often. What I was wanting to know isn’t how long the actual sacrament last but how long does one have to attend church to be baptized?


That depends on the individual. The inquiry stage has no fixed length of time. For the unbaptized, once they decide they want to be baptized they enter the catechumenate. It is typically a year from that point until baptism but it could be shorter or longer depending on the person. The six weeks prior to baptism is called the period of purification and enlightenment, which is proximate preparation for baptism at the Easter Vigil.

A person who is already validly baptized can be in the inquiry phase as long as needed/desired. Once they make the decision to become Catholic, they become a candidate for full communion. It could then be anywhere from a couple of months to a year or more before they complete the sacraments of initiation (confirmation and eucharist), again depending on the person.


That depends on the person. The first step would be to contact the pastor.


The Church says the catechumenate – the period of starting to live as a Christian and learn about the Church – should last at least a year. Many parishes cut this short.


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