Timothy Gordon Fired

Posts such as “Who looks gayer? Pics below.” The post is accompanied by photos of Father James Martin, a Manhattan priest prominently supportive of LBGTQ rights, and a mask-wearing, pastel-dressed protest marcher.

And: “Best news I’ve heard all planned riot/plandemic. As Vincent Vega (the John Travolta paid assassin character from Pulp Fiction) says: ‘It’d been worth them doing it just so we could’ve caught them doing it.” Let’s dispatch some mobs with force!”

The Garces Administration had apparently seen enough because — according to one of Gordon’s posts — he was fired.

Bakersfield attorney H.A Sala, who has one daughter at Garces and another entering in the fall, was one of the parents who complained to the Garces administration. He said Gordon is no victim here.

“I pointed out what Mr. Gordon tweeted,” Sala said. “I attached the tweets and I said this was what he said. … He advocated deadly force against someone that basically is committing an act of vandalism. There can be no other interpretation. And there were other tweets that he issued that supported that use of lethal force in circumstances where it was not justified… And a tweet where he clearly denigrated the sexual orientation of individuals and … black lives matter. And so, the tweets spoke for themselves.”


Here’s a radio interview he did with a local Bakersfield radio show:


I found it kind of weird that he begins the interview by telling the host that this is the only local interview he’ll be doing and every other interview will be national-level only. I don’t think most people know who he is.


More Catholic schools need more teachers like Tim Gordon.


Perhaps in some ways. We do not need Catholic teachers championing mob violence, however.


I hope that everyone is familiar with what Tim has been posting & saying over the last week or so, and not just relying on links or the accusations made via social media.


Thanks for sharing GP. I hadn’t realised these were the things he had said. Sure, he and other Media personalities tend to speak hyperbolically - the temptations of the tweet culture. But as a teacher, this has to be tempered with a balanced attitude.

Parents want their teachers to espouse and teach Truth, of course. But not at the expense of displaying greater virtues- humility and temperance. As Catholics, we are graced with knowing Truth. We must share it charitably however. Otherwise, it can actually result in a net loss. Pax Christi!


Yes, I think apart Marshall’s followers, nobody know him before he appears with him on the video…

Why would not have waited until the end of school year before firing him?

I pray that he fined another job and a new health inassurance for his family, particularly is ill child.

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How is advocating that mob violence be curtailed construed to be championing mob violence?


I believe that would refer to this quote:

“Best news I’ve heard all planned riot/plandemic. As Vincent Vega (the John Travolta paid assassin character from Pulp Fiction) says: ‘It’d been worth them doing it just so we could’ve caught them doing it.” Let’s dispatch some mobs with force!”


So only lefties can talk like that? That sounds fair?


I want to like this guy, but isn’t Pulp Fiction a disgusting movie? Why quote from it?


I’m sorry—what?

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@Julian did not quote it. Read the OP. Timothy Gordon quoted it.

Good for the school! I wouldn’t a want whackadoodle who promotes the “plandemic” conspiracy or posts the sort of offensive stuff I saw after taking a look at his twitter feed teaching kids anything, let alone theology.


It’s not a movie for kids, certainly, but it’s not “disgusting.” It’s classic.


Why? Seems like he was playing amateur shock jock. He doesn’t represent the school or the church well. He comes off as juvenile and needlessly abrasive. Defending conservative views does not require acting like a jerk.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Teachers are supposed to be role models to the students they serve. At the very least, this means mature social media posts.


Tim and his brother, David, have repeatedly said that people on the “right side,” morally speaking, shouldn’t be criticized for their tone. For educated guys, they sure seem to be confused about how rhetoric works.


Thanks! Agreed. I like Tim and his Brother but I remember him and Taylor Marshall addressing tonality before. Dispensing manners, being noble and polite etc. Is only ever at detriment. One can convey Truth charitably and indeed tone is a very important part of apologetics as it is often a window to the heart of one’s argument. Pax Christi!


By this shall all men know you are my disciples, by the love you have for one another.

Wise man said that. Notice, He did not say “by how sharp your toungue” or “by how scathing your corrections” or even by “how many clicks you get”, nope, it is about love.

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