Tip-toeing To Mary (Must See Picture)



I remember seeing that picture on the bulletin board of a fellow student when I was in school. I think it’s amazing and SO cute!

oh that is so adorable! :o

My (protestant) best friend sent this to me in an email. So sweet.

Oh wow :smiley:


I got this picture in an e-mail last month. it’s so nice to see something good in a news paper.

it reminds me of my friend’s daughter. there is a statue of the “piata” (not sure how to spell that. it’s the statue of Mary taking Jesus down from the cross) next to the alter at my church. we were going up to communion and my friends daughter gasped when she saw it (she was 3) “oh mommy!” she said, “Jesus has a boo boo. I’ll go kiss it.” she went and kissed his hands and feet and does it every time she passes the statue now!

THat kind of reminds me of my little boy while we were down in Texas for my Grandma’s funeral. He walked over to the statue and gave her a big hug and kiss. I thought it was so great since he was so gentle. I wish had had a camera with me.

I’ve also seen a picture of a 2 year old little boy kissing the Blessed Mother in his back yard. I wish we could make public these ABSOLUTELY AWESOME photos in a huge way. These kids say it all!!!:thumbsup:

That’s my favorite picture, ever. :slight_smile:

Very sweet. It beats my granddaughter, now 5, who is sure that the statue of Fatima in our parish church had real sheep “when I was a baby” and Father is now “keeping the real sheep for himself”.

It’s my favorite picture ever also!


oh thank you so much for this - it is just inspiring!

“favorite picture ever”


I totally forgot this existed. dies

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