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What tips and tricks can you share with others for using this forum? Please share to help others more easily use this forum.

I will share one. I am using an Android phone with Firefox. I found out if you click on the bottom right hand corner where it shows what post you are on (eg 31/56), a scroll bar comes up that allows you to more quickly and easily scroll through many posts rather than having to manually thumb your way through all the posts to get to the one you want.


I figured that one out. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone else. It’s our secret edge :smile:


Typing the colon makes some emojis come up :sunny:


And adding letters after it starts the filtering process.


Really? I will have to try that because when I hit the reply button, I don’t have an emoji symbol that shows up on my popup. I only have the emojis on my Kindle keyboard which are not exciting.


I’m on mobile version on an android. Maybe it’s different on other devices.


Do you ever need to multi-quote (quote multiple posts in your reply)?

Here’s how: While composing your reply, put the cursor where you want to insert the quote, then scroll up and down the thread as needed, and select (highlight) the text you want to quote. A Quote button should appear just above the selected text. Click it. The quotation should then appear in your reply. Continue composing, or select and insert additional quotations.

You can even use this method to quote from other threads.



It works!


Do you mean typing the colon followed by a letter or symbol?


After typing the colon if you put in a letter, the available emoji’s pop up.

:c produces a Cactus and others
:co produces a coat and more co emoji’s

:cof produces a coffee and coffin
So then just select what u want


That doesn’t work in my browser. Wrong version or missing plug-in, I guess.


Interesting. I’m on a Samsung tablet, opened under chrome.


Are you using the dark theme?

Seems to be a general auto complete bug there.


:c Doesn’t seem to work on mine.


Are you using the dark theme? I suspect a bug with that.


No actually I am not currently using the dark theme. I originally did but I switched so I could minimize the disclaimer and haven’t switched back.


What exactly is the “DARKE THEME”? And WHY is it important?
God Bless you,Patrick

November 4 |

Are you using the dark theme? I suspect a bug with that.

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November 3 |

:c Doesn’t seem to work on mine.
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Let’s see I just switched to dark…

I’ll be dipped. Don’t work on dark.
Going to switch back. Be back in a minute


Ok now…
Yep works.
When I hit the colon, got a pop up of emojis


Ran the test myself, so dark is an issue.

However, there also seems to be a mobile device issue.

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