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The theme is how the forum looks (bg colour, etc). The dark theme is one of the options - the only one with a dark background.

It seems to have quite a few auto complete related bugs based on feedback I’ve been reading hence why it tends to be my primary suspect when I see an issue related to auto complete.


Thanks for taking the time for figuring this out, and for trying to help others. I just wanted to note that.

I know what it’s like to feel the frustration of not having something work, and not knowing “why,” and it’s nice when someone else steps in to help out. :slightly_smiling_face:

God bless you!


I recently stumbled across a little trick to prevent certain characters from being interpreted as formatting commands. The trick is to put a backslash character before the character you wish to display literally. This method is used in many programming languages, which is how I happened to try it.

The back-slash looks like this: \

Here is an example:

Desired text: 2*3*4

Problem: text surrounded by asterisks is interpreted as italic text

Result: 234 (notice 3 is italic or slanted)

Solution: type it in as 2\*3\*4

Result: 2*3*4

This works for other special characters, like <, >, and _.

It doesn’t work for spaces; a backslash followed by a space renders a backslash followed by a space.

To render the backslash itself, type a double backslash \\.
(To display that, I actually had to type four backslashes!)


Very nice. Thanks. It allows me to use emoticons, which, with old eyes is more pleasing.
(*) . (*)
. . .^
\ _o _/



At 73 I can 'Dig it":rofl:

God Bless you


\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ V v



You can also use “preformatted text”. The icon looks like </> in the top bar. Just select whatever and click the button or add 4 spaces before a line with at least one blank line separating it from other text. It does add a background to the text – it’s made for showing program code – but it looks okay to me.




If you hit the quote bubble, it automatically quotes first post.

This is on mobile version, with caf background.


I’m assuming that if you’re replying to a post it quotes the post being replied to instead.


Testing this “quote” thing.

Hurray!!! Thank you so much for this. I have missed multiple opportunities to use the quote feature up to now!


Another trick I found out recently is that there are two hidden tutorials you can access. The server has a bot user called discobot. You can send a private message to discobot with the callout “@” plus “discobot” to get an automated reply. One of the commands you can give started a new user tutorial. Another command starts the advanced user tutorial. After finishing each one, you get a funny little certificate and a user badge (plus whatever knowledge you gained from finishing the tutorial).


The commands are start new user and start advanced user.


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