Tips for a college student? Balancing life, studies and prayer?

First off, I would like to let everyone know that I am discerning a vocation and I’m also a college student. It’s my last year of school earning my BS, I’m thinking about entering a religious community after college. While I am aiming for a religious vocation, I’m still open to marriage and whatever God throws at me. So I’m “staying at the present moment” if you will.

I am basically posting this topic as a two-fold question of:

  1. How much prayer are we called to be in?
  2. What prayers are the highest priority?

I know we are suppose to love God with all our heart. Believe me, if it were up to me I would pray the whole 16 hours of the day. The only downside at this moment is that I am a college student. I work part time and am involved in several extra-curricular activities. God is supplementing me with his grace to continue praying, studying and doing these extra-curricular activities. I thank Him for that grace.

On the flip-side, the enemy is also taking advantage of this. My guilt, innocence and impulsive behaviors that causes me to do things such as praying instead of studying for a test is putting me behind school. Most of it is through my lack of prudence and human vulnerability to temptations.

To go over question #1, how much prayer are we called to be in?
My schedule for the day is started with a 6:00am rise, 6:30am-7:30am Eucharistic adoration, lauds - morning prayers (with a religious community) and quick break by eating breakfast then I proceed to pray the rosary. After rosary, I either have work or classes and then later in the afternoon I attend daily mass and vespers - evening prayers with the religious community.

Easily at any day I do a minimum of at least 3 hours of prayer. This is what fuels my energy, my love, my grace, my studies and everything else.

I noticed that if I reduce in prayer, I get reduced in grace and I feel more irritable and more prone to sin.

There are also times that as a college student I get tempted to stay up pretty late and attend social events. This results in a time where I need to stop prayer and continue studying. The question is how and when?

To go over question #2,
What in which order of importance are the following prayers? Am I correct in the order below?

  1. daily mass +45 min
  2. rosary +30 min
  3. holy hour +60 min
  4. morning prayers +30 min
  5. evening prayers +30 min

If I don’t say most or all these prayers I don’t feel at peace with myself. I feel like I’m almost betraying God. Many times I have fallen to the trap of listening to the enemy’s suggestions. For example, I just recently learned of “demonic oppressions” in which the enemy could plant evil thoughts. I thought before that these were my thoughts and I was evil and kept confessing it claiming it as my thoughts but I realized that it’s a thought that doesn’t have to define myself.

I have to be prudent. I know that in the long run, doing bad in school will cause me to have a lack of prayer later on because I will have to be “catching up” in school which is less work. I need to find the perfect balance.

If I completely stop prayer, I will not be at peace. In the end, if I don’t pray and have peace I won’t be able to concentrate in my studies.

That’s alot of prayer. If you’re getting good grades, then I don’t see what the problem is. But if there’s a conflict, school should go first; make that your prayer. And there’s always time to sneak in a little prayer time before sleep anyway. St. Bendedict says prayer should be short and fervent. I think the rosary should be THE prayer if you don’t have time for others. Padre Pio prayed the roasry all the time (its his feast to day BTW) and look what it did for him.:thumbsup:

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