tips for a teenager on praying the Rosary.

hey guys! I recently posted a thread about my interest in the Catholic church. Some people gave me some advice and told me tobpray the rosary. So I downloaded an app on my DROID called Catholic Droid which has the rosary and other prayers on it. I’d really like to give it a try and puts my faith into the prayer and see where god will guide me to the church. Just a question; can u say the prayer inside your head or do you say it verbally? Thank u all so much:)

Saying it in your head is fine. In fact, I prefer that because it forces me to concentrate since it’s hard to consciously hold multiple, focused monologues in your head at the same time. When I say things out loud, I can go into auto pilot where I’m vocalizing words, but thinking about other things.

Whatever works for you. Welcome to the rosary! Remember, it’s a lifetime journey so be patient and stick to it.

I find that even just listening to it is good enough… As long as you make a conscious effort to be attentive to each mystery that is.

Try going on youtube and downloading them into your ipod… There are a couple of rosaries of every sort there… long ones, short ones, sung ones, latin ones…

Maybe if you take public transportation, or walk home from school, or take the bus… you can listen to it along the way

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Remember… nothing please the Blessed Mother more than offering rosaries. It is like a “bouquet” of flowers for her…

and of course… there are also 15 promsies involved in praying the rosary too, which makes it harder to not be recited daily :slight_smile:

Your on the right track.

God bless… and keep praying the rosary!

First, it is a type of prayer that is not well known in the protestant world. It is contemplative prayer. A typical Rosary is five decades (50 beads) - each ten beads representing a mystery of the Gospel. As you recite the “Hail, Mary” prayers, you focus on the mystery that is associated with that decade, and contemplate it. I allow the prayers to become background music, so to speak, for my contemplation. Here’s something to try: a blog site that offers artwork that corresponds to each decade of mysteries. The mysteries are listed along the right side of the page. Click on the appropriate mystery and up pops a photo of a hand holding a Rosary. Click on that photo and it enlarges. Then, use your arrow keys and scroll to the right through the 20 or so pictures associated with that mystery as you pray that decade. At the end of the decade, “X” out of the page and select the next set of artwork. I have found that the visual depiction of each mystery can be quite helpful to the contemplative experience.

Properly prayed, you will find the Rosary to be inspiring, peaceful, reflective, informative - you name it.

The mysteries are listed along the right side of the page. Click on the appropriate mystery and up pops a photo of a hand holdin a Rosary.

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