Tips for attending mass (new to Eastern Liturgy)

I will be attending a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and I am wondering if anybody has any tips? Things to know? Thanks!

Hi jeanluc,

This is a nice list (see link below) for those who are unfamiliar with the Eastern Orthodox Liturgy. From what I have read here, most of it should be relevant for the Church you are about to attend as well. I am sure someone can correct me if I am wrong.

I hope you will have a nice experience!


Don’t pick up the book, lol! The hymns are easy enough to follow along that there is no need to have you nose in a lectionary.



Tip #1: don’t call it a Mass. In the Eastern Church it’s referred to as the Divine Liturgy.



Just enjoy the liturgy.

Sit next to someone who can help you understand what’s going on.

Prepare to be blown away by all your senses: Beautiful icons, glistening vestments, a capella chanting, billowing incense, pealing bells, and lovely hospitality.

Wish you were coming to my Temple,
Fr. Deacon Christopher


Afaik, the Byzantine and Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches I’ve been to do not have the practice of antidoron after Liturgy. We only have myrovania with the distribution of the Artos on St. Thomas Sunday (Low/Mercy Sunday on the TL & NO calendars respectively). However, since last March that’s now verboten.

My parish and others in the Eparchy of Phoenix that I have visited distribute antidoron,but not since Covid.

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:cry: Oh well…

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