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hello, I’m a new Catholic as of this past Easter and I’m having some trouble “jump starting” my prayer life. My wife and I attend mass every week and I’m trying to read and study the Bible starting with the Gospels…I’m through Mathew and Mark and I’m now on Luke. But I feel I could have a better prayer life and would like to work on that more. I’m trying to make it more of a daily routine but find myself being lazy about it most of the time. Sometimes I pray before I get up in the morning and before I go to sleep but often find myself praying the same thing and feel I’m in kind of an auto mode when I do it. Any advice or tips on what has worked for you?
thank you!


Hey There,

I recently started keeping a prayer journal, and offering it up to God. I find I’m more deeply spiritual when I do that.



do you write your actual prayers or people and needs you pray for? what exactly do you write?


Hello StRoch,

I found this book on really helpful.

Another thing that works for me is routine. During the week, on my work commute, I read one “chapter” every day. Each chapter has a gospel reading, plus four meditations (Christ the Lord, Christ the Teacher, Christ the Friend, Christ in my life). I have noticed that when I am not travelling to work (like weekends and holidays), I do not do the daily meditation / prayer. That is why routine is important, at least for me. If you can find a time of day where you can fit a devotion in, and do it every time, that may be helpful.

God bless.

PS the book has 6 reviews and all 5 stars on amazon. I guess i’m not the only one who likes it.


Pray the rosary and ask Mary to help you deepen your prayer life.

Check out the book True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Louis de Montfort and consider getting Mary deeply involved in your prayer. She will help you get closer to her Son.

Try to go to confession very regularly.

Read other books in addition to the Bible: The Fulfullment of all Desire by Ralph Martin is very good. Also, try other books by the saints or The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.

Journaling helps a lot of people. I don’t actually benefit from it, but many do.

Stop by the Church every once in a while to pray. If you don’t have a key and they lock it, try to get one for yourself or, even better, go to Adoration.


Someone once told me that a prayer said while receiving the Eucharist is much more powerful, etc. I would try to ask for a more intimate relationship with Christ. Also, you may want to look into devotion to Christ through His mother Mary. Asking Her to pray with you is really helpful, it has really strengthened my relationship with Jesus!


Ohh, and novenas, I hear those are quite amazing! haha


thank you all for your tips! I appreciate it!


Time is your greatest friend in progress (or suffering/ mortification). Keep up with your devotions and living a sacramental life. You won;t notice the changes at first because they are VERY gradual, but you will notice in about five years that you are no longer the same person. you can barely tell a difference from year to year, but if you look in incriments of five years you will see the differecnces


have you tried looking into the various Catholic devotions? there are soo many :slight_smile: often there are prayers that accompany them. I’m a new Catholic too, and they’ve helped me.

For example, there are devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, there’s the Rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet, Christ’s Passion (great one to meditate on)… there’s Adoration :slight_smile: its’ really powerful. Maybe you could try doing a Holy Hour…

God bless! :slight_smile:


All the suggestions are good.

These three following links may also help you:

Try to follow the church schedule and do daily Scripture readings, then you may utilize the online daily meditation to help you reflect. The sacredspace website is very good, too.

Also, please keep in mind that prayer is basically a loving conversation with God.
God is interested in every details of your life. Just talk to Him. Know that the Beloved is always with you and waiting for you to communicate with Him. Prayer life needs discipline. Formal prayers,are valuable, but spontaneous conversation will never be dry. Think God as your intimate companion and turn to Him anytime, anywhere. Frequently open your heart and communicate with Him. Thank Him, praise Him and tell Him you love Him.


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