Tips for Defending Mary as Our Mother in Sacred Scripture


I’ve decided to start a new debate in which I defend St. John 19:25-28 in which Jesus gives Mary to us as our Mother.

I would like advice, on how to defend this Scripture passage.


What do you mean defend?
It’s pretty clear.
If Mary is the Mother of the Messiah, then it would stand to reason she is also our mother.


“start a new debate in which I defend…” :thinking:


I’ve finished my old debate.


Who are you debating and why?


Behold Your Mother: A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines

maybe this book will help you.


Sometimes the best defense is offense. All you need to do is proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, the Catholic Church. It is said that protestants are more knowledgeable of Scripture than Catholics. If protestants were knowledgeable of Scripture then they would be Catholic! :slight_smile: It’s actually amazing what they miss but understandable if one has been taught falsely.

Here is an excellent Scriptural lesson on the Blessed Mother…



This short article is an introduction to some of the fundamental principles for the understanding of devotion to the Saints and how true devotion does not detract from the Glory of God. Admitting that God works in a mightily way through the Saints does not take away from His Glory. It avoids mentioning Mary so as to avoid the deep Protestant prejudice against her.

Defending the Glory of God

Step two. Bring out the theme of God as an artist. Point out that God does not have petty jealousy he doesn’t mind you looking at his artwork. Point out that his greatest accomplishment in regards to man is not the creation but the new creation we are in Christ. And his greatest accomplishment is the holiest person who was most open to receiving his grace. The one who was most true and faith . Next move to the passage in the website below from Genesis. Show how the woman is a special lady who can’t be Eve since she already sinned. Point out how Jesus is reference to Mary as woman could not be an insult or derogatory. Or else Jesus would have broken Old Testament laws against insulting your parents for which Jesus would have been stoned to death if he had been guilty of it. Then show the parallel verses that Monsignor Anthony brings out in the webpage below

Mary the Woman


One of the 10 10 Commandments says honor your father and mother. That applies to our Spiritual Father -God and Our spiritual Mother -Mary. Jesus honored His Mother and she was given to us by Him while He hung on the cross. If Jesus wants us to love, honor and adore Her (NOT worship because worship is ONLY for God) then we need to do what Jesus wishes for us to do.


The Virgin Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ. Doesn’t Revelation 12 suggest that Jesus Christ, who “was caught up to God and to his throne” and “who is to rule the nations with a rod of iron,” and his disciples, “those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus,” have, in some sense, a common mother?


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