Tips for Going to Mass Alone

How can I work through the nervousness around going to Mass alone? Husband doesn’t feel comfortable going to Mass with me regularly. I’m scared and nervous. My mom won’t go with me either. I’m afraid I will stand out since I am a newer revert.

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There are many people who go to Mass alone. Go and focus on the Altar, you are there for Jesus.


I can understand being nervous about going to something unfamiliar by yourself. But there is nothing to fear. Most people won’t even notice you as we are all looking up front. :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel more comfortable, you might sit towards the back so you can see what other people are doing (when they sit and stand and kneel). And most parishes have books in the seats that you can use to try to follow along with some of the prayers and Scripture readings. As you become more familiar with what’s going on, it should get easier.


Lots of people have been converts or reverts. You can always sit in the back. But even if people do notice, I think most will just be happy you’re there.


No Reason to be nervous. I’m in a smaller parish and do notice someone new. The sum total of my thought is, oh, how nice. I might greet them with a good morning or hello, but that’s about it.


I don’t get a chance to, but I like to go to mass alone. I focus better.

No one will notice or find it odd.


You are not alone. The Lord is with you.


I was going to say the same thing.

We have a spot in our church (two actually, one on each side) where there are big pillars that hold up the choir loft. When I am alone, I like to sit behind one of those pillars. It helps me to focus by blocking out all of the distractions.


I remember attending my first Mass (and alone). I sat at the back and watched and listened. No one looked at me strangely. As others have stated, many folks attend alone due to work schedules, etc. I would say to relax and enjoy - listen and observe. It didn’t take me too long before I started sitting closer to the front. Blessings.

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My husband and I go to Mass alone all the time due to work schedules.

There are so many people at Mass by themselves–no one will take any notice of you. In a way, that’s kind of sad, because we should be enough of a “family” to notice when someone new is among us. But I’ll admit that I don’t recognized 98% of the people who attend Mass at my parish.


I go to Mass alone because I’m single. So it’s not that weird.


I always go to Mass alone. I sit in the back and usually get asked to help with the Collection :basket: :dollar: :slightly_smiling_face:


I went to Mass alone 99% of the time before I was married. No reason to be nervous about it at all.


That’s what you get for sitting in the back. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I realize that it may feel weird to you going to Mass alone, but I’ve been going to Mass alone for years and I see dozens of other people at Mass alone every time I go, especially at the daily Mass.
You won’t “stand out” at all, nobody is looking and nobody notices or cares. It’s really normal to be at Mass alone as many of the people who are there alone are single, widowed or have a spouse who is nonpracticing, non-Catholic, or just not well enough to attend.
People are there for Mass, not to keep track who’s there alone and who’s there with a family of five.


I go to Mass alone all the time. I sit up front every time I can, my favorite spot being the second pew.

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Original Poster: I’m not sure why you would be “scared” of worshipping alone unless the church you attend does scary things. First-day-of-school-nervous, maybe, but that goes away. That’s not the same as scary.

Jesus wants you in church. He loves you; He’s crazy about you; He’s happy to see you.

But if you attend a church where people are asking questions that make you nervous, let this thread know what they are, and the other posters will give you some good replies.

Here’s a helpful tip. Compare your worship time to dining alone. If you are comfortable eating by yourself wherever you please, it’s your church. If you’re too timid to eat alone, it’s you.

I used to go to Mass alone with three little kids.

Yes, a grown man with a beard and three raucous kids sitting in the cry room around a bunch of new mothers. Now that’s awkward!


You don’t have to sit in the back. If you sit in the front you can see better.

I’m more nervous about going to restaurants alone than to Mass alone, Nobody notices you at Mass if you don’t want them to. in restaurants you have to at least talk to the waiter,

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